1950 Home Design

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1950 Home Design

Architectural styles have changed dramatically over the years. Ranch style homes are included in the architectural style known as “Modern Architecture” even though this style began much earlier than the first ranch style houses were. 1950 home designs continued in the modern theme and expanded upon it thanks to architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, and Otto Wagner.

The Modern ranch style house became the predominant architectural style for homes after World War II thanks the large numbers of houses built in new neighborhoods around the country. The 1950s home design was practical. It was a simple, one-story house with an open floor plan; sleeping quarters separated from the remainder of the house, and it often had sliding glass patio doors that brought the outside in.

Over the years the 1950s-era ranch style house fell out of favor with many American home buyers. Now they are becoming popular. In fact, 1950s ranch homes are considered “retro” and many people are beginning to consider them as historic architecture that needs to be preserved.

People who have lived in the 1950 home design may have tired of the style and made changes to the house to keep up with the changes in styles and interior design. Many removed the original cedar shakes and replaced them with vinyl siding. Amazingly newer homeowners are often reversing the changes that had been made and returning the house to its original look.

The 1950 home design was originally small, usually around 1,000 square feet. They had a living room, kitchen, and three small bedrooms. They probably had one bathroom, but may have had two. All of them had attached garages that created the long, low roof look so typical of this style house.

You might be surprised to find that people who grew up in the 1950s home design are coming back to them as their family dynamics change and they no longer need larger homes. New home buyers are also looking seriously at this style of house, especially those that are first-time buyers.

Another benefit to the 1950s ranch is that they often had larger backyards that could be used for growing children or for the adults in the family to entertain. Because they are older homes, they are most likely more affordable than the newer homes on the market. The design, because of its simplicity, lends itself to being modified to suit your own family’s needs.

The 1950 home design may have been non-descript and less fussy than other homes of the era but they have held their own on the market. They require less upkeep than other styles and may be a great buy for those who are just starting out or those who are downsizing as they near retirement.

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