1950’s Ranch Landscaping

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1950's Ranch Style LandscapeFAR be it from a mere, and comparatively untraveled, gal to question an experts statement. Nevertheless, as I read in a mid-winter issue of one of the news magazines… the subject of landscaping in America came up.

I am always interested in 1950’s Ranch Landscaping… so I thought I’d read on….

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The theory is that if you don’t see America soon, you’ll soon only find an entire country that is perfectly matched. I could not help wondering how much of her time she has spent in the gardens of different parts of the country?

For, notwithstanding the standardizing influence of what are called garden styles or fads—such as the amazing popularity (for a time) of rock gardening or water gardening or Japanese gardening or what have you—and the inevitable tendency of many landscape designers with sheep like tendencies to follow in the footsteps of a few trail-blazing pioneers, it is practically impossible to bring Mother Nature under control as to permit identical gardening developments across the widely differing regions of this continent.

1950's Ranch Style Landscaping
One thing in common in all the best examples of skillful and successful garden design (or landscape architecture, if you wish to give it that title) is that the “best” garden is that which gardens have local color, regional distinctiveness, and most closely merges individuality.

photo credit: Travis Isaacs

Until one had observed their effect upon their owners and their guests; until one had heard at firsthand the stories of how they came into being, and had noted with what degree of personal interest they are watched over and cared for as season follows season, each with its miracles of life and growth and death—and the rebirth that is always springtime.

It is, of course, one of the joys of garden planning that there are different types and styles to match all kinds of architectural design, no less than there are combinations of plant materials to meet the requirements or exigencies of different latitudes and elevations and degrees of humidity or aridity. But that is not only

There may be half a dozen kinds of plants with which a certain effect can be obtained; on the other hand, there may be but a single variety or strain, and one that calls for as untiring exploration and as careful mothering as is needed to bring a giant panda from its native Orient to its adopted home in the Western Hemisphere.

Anyway… I can see that 1950’s ranch landscaping can be varied… and does not need to follow tradition. Ranch Home Plans

And so, as gardens change from season to season even under the eye of those who live with them the year around, so do they vary from place to place during any one term or month or week. In gardens, monotony is a factor conspicuous by its absence; nor is there uniformity or identical similarity. And therein, as I see it, lies one of the chiefest and never ceasing delights of beautiful American gardens—East and West.

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