1960s Ranch Style Homes

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Despite the political upheaval of the era, the 1960s were considered to be a time of prosperity for many in the United States.  It was during this time that larger homes were being built and mankind began his race to the moon.  1960s ranch style homes continued to be popular throughout the country.

Homes of the 1960s began to expand beyond the size of the 1950s ranch homes that were so plentiful across the country.  Concrete driveways became a common sight around neighborhoods and new methods of applying wall surfaces were used.  There were other changes among houses of this time, as well.

Rather than having several small rooms and closets like the earlier ranch homes of the 50s, 1960s ranch style homes had larger living rooms and the bedrooms actually had room enough to hang more than a few suits and dresses.  Because entertaining friends and neighbors was done more often during this time, houses of this era had larger yards to accommodate groups of people.  Many even had built-in swimming pools to enjoy during the extra leisure time families had.

Raised ranch houses and other split level homes became more popular during this time especially as the 1960s drew to a close.  Whereas the ranch homes of the 50s may have had a full basement, the homes of the 60s capitalized on the space with many homeowners finishing the basement for additional living space.

On the outside of the home, more care was given to landscaping around the homes during these years.  Covered back and screened porches began to be seen on 1960’sRanch Style Homes particularly in the Western states.

Within the home state-of-the-art materials were used.  Kitchen cabinets were made with Formica.  Other cabinets were made of hardwoods and included magnetic catches and ball bearing drawer glides.  Electric stoves generally replaced gas stoves and the home was also furnished with a dishwasher.

As the 1960s ended, the ranch house began to lose popularity among builders and homeowners alike.  Builders seemed to become bored with this type of house and their workmanship began to suffer for their lack of enthusiasm.  Buyers wanted houses that were anything but ordinary and sought out designers who could provide them with something more eclectic.

Within the last twenty years, however, the ranch style house has been having a revival of sorts.  Designers and architects are using the basic 1960s ranch style house as the beginning point for creating beautiful and spacious houses today.

Today’s homes have spacious kitchens that allow for plenty of natural lighting, an improved traffic throughout the house, and larger master bedroom suites.  It is true that the 1960s ranch style house may not be as popular as it once was, but it is still the backbone of many of today’s most recognizable homes.

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