50s Ranch Kitchen Remodel

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Kitchen in a 1966 ranch style house
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I’ve been playing around on the internet looking for before and after pictures for this Remodel 1950s Ranch Kitchen Video… and I found some really neat looking kitchen ideas.

This video is less than 2 min… but packed with inspiration.

Just because we live in an older ranch house – doesn’t mean we should live with that awful kitchen.

I am so tired of my damaged cabinets, worn Formica and don’t even get me started with the stove.

Hey… if you have remodeling ideas, let us know! It’s more fun if we all share.

Before you ask…  the answer is No.  Nope – I don’t have any magic solutions for 50s ranch kitchen remodel. I’m just as in the dark as the rest of you about “entire” kitchen remodels.  Want the truth?  It scares the “heck” out of me.

I don’t have a fear of changing a few things –  fixing the tray ceiling lighting for example.  But yanking out the whole enchilada is just a bit too much.

I think this fear dates back to my first home and the kitchen remodel.  We were so broke and this little 50s house needed a new kitchen in the worst way.  The small kitchen was gutted and we put in our own “pre-fab” cabinets and Formica counter.  The results were stunning but the journey was a nightmare.

A young mom with two small babies does not enjoy doing the dishes in the bathtub and cutting vegetables on the bathroom counter.  I’m just saying.

Back to reality – I have been planning the kitchen remodel on my current ranch house for years. I have a huge box of magazine clippings, sketches and samples.   Of course – that darn money tree in the back yard has yet to produce anything I can use to get the kitchen remodel accomplished.

I’ve spent 100’s of dollars purchasing books about kitchen remodels and design.  I have a huge library (I finally went through and culled out the “really old stuff”). and find that I have a few favorites that I always turn to when I’m in the “kitchen remodel” mood.

First – you must remember this about Kitchen Remodels:

Kitchens are for cooking. If they look pretty but don’t function… you have wasted your money.

kitchen designThe Complete Guide to Kitchen Design With Cooking in Mind

One of the reviews describes this “older” book perfectly:

“Truly approaches kitchen design as if someone was really going to cook! We are planning a new house (and thus a whole new kitchen) and really get frustrated with the “pretty kitchen” designs in magazines and books.

Appliances with no counter space within 5 feet to lay down a pot or set out ingredients?

High powered cooktops with gorgeous copper pots hung right on the backsplash where they will be messy within 2 meals?! This book avoids all those situations and sets up a scenario for a kitchen that will be a joy to cook in.”

kitchen remodelEverything and the Kitchen Sink: Remodel Your Kitchen without Losing Your Mind

I admit that I purchased this book (several years ago) because of the title.  But this book ended up being one of my favorites.

And if you are wondering if this book is a good fit for someone who want’s to remodel a ranch style kitchen – this is the introduction:

Apparently – others like this book as much as I do.

The quizzes. Little quizzes and questionnaires throughout the book helped me articulate not only our personal style (Busy Slobs, or words to that effect…) but also what’s been keeping us from getting a start on this kitchen. We’ve been of two minds (my husband’s and mine) about how long we’re likely to stay in this house.”

“Here’s where Everything and the Kitchen Sink comes to the rescue. There are marvelous pictures. And useful budget charts. And constant encouragement to figure out how we really use our kitchen, and plan from that base.”

ranch kitchen remodel

Kitchens for the Rest of Us: From the Kitchen You Have to the Kitchen You Love

good colors for kitchens

Can’t Fail Color Schemes–Kitchen & Bath: How to Choose Color for Stone and Tile Surfaces, Cabinets & Walls

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