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Ranch Bathroom VanityThe real estate market isn’t always doing well, and sometimes selling your home can be a truly daunting task.

But with a little know-how, you can enhance the market value of your property and improve on its aesthetic value in no time at all simply by installing an attractive bathroom vanity.

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Many interior designers and home owners agree: nothing adds style and character to your ranch home quite like bathroom vanities.

The question is: how does one choose the perfect bathroom vanity for one’s home?

The first thing you should consider is the dimensions of your bathroom, and by extension, the projected size and volume of your ideal bathroom vanity cabinet.

Modern bathroom vanities are available in a multitude of styles and sizes, ranging from small bathroom vanities such as 24″ bathroom vanities, to large double bathroom vanities like 60″ bathroom vanities.

If you have an apartment or small townhouse, for example, it’s a good possibility that your bathroom (or bathrooms) is smaller than that of the average family home. These bathrooms are built with utility and efficiency, rather than comfort, in mind.

You won’t find many small bathrooms with large vanities installed, for the simple reason that smaller vanities are more space effective. 24″ bathroom vanities are wonderful choices for small bathrooms, as they can be installed almost anywhere.

The majority of these small vanities are built to fit snugly into corners so that they don’t impede bathroom traffic. These 24″ bathroom vanities make the most of their size, providing sufficient storage space for an individual person’s bath items and hygienic supplies.

On the other hand, medium sized bathrooms call for medium sized vanities. Small vanities appear disjointed and silly in average bathrooms, frankly, because they take up too little space to be particularly noticeable.

Medium sized vanities, like 36″ bathroom vanities, are a bit larger but provide more storage space than small vanities. They are particularly effective organizational features, and they also add charm to your bathroom. They are also fairly sturdier than small bath vanities, and are able to support more weight on the counter tops.

They generally cost a little more than small bathroom vanities, and their size makes them a little heavier and more difficult to transport and install, but the amount of convenience they afford you is priceless. 36″ bathroom vanities also have sufficient room to install an attached full size mirror, which will really help you get hygienic tasks done effectively.

For large bathrooms and especially shared bathrooms, there is no better way to improve the utility and elegance of your bathroom than to install 60″ bathroom vanities or larger. These bath installations provide enough surface area to have two sinks and two cabinets, and for this reason they are often called double vanities.

60″ bathroom vanities are desirable because they allow you and your spouse to visit the bathroom simultaneously. Imagine never having to argue over whose turn it is to use the sink, and never needing to worry about waking up before your house mates to get that nice morning face-washing. For its convenience alone, a large double bathroom vanity simply cannot be beat.

You are almost guaranteed to find your dream vanity so long as you keep your ranch home bathroom’s available dimensions and size constraints in mind. So get out that tape measurer, and start planning your new bath vanity installation today.

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