Adding On To A 50s Ranch

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Adding On To a 50's RanchHow do you decide about adding on to a 50s ranch house? If you currently live in a ranch style house built in the 1950s, chances are you have between 1,500 and 1,800 square feet. Those were common sizes at the time. Some home owners have decided to add on but have found that it may not be worth it.

One way to help you decide about adding onto your house is your likelihood of remaining where you are. Do you plan to stay in your ranch house for a while or do you plan to remodel it and then sell it right away?

Sometimes life surprises us and our current homes aren’t large enough. If you’re going to stay in your home for a number of years you may not be that worried about how much money you’ll recoup. You may need the room now and that’s your sole reason for considering the remodel.

If you plan on buying a newer home soon, you’ll be more concerned about making back the money you spend adding on to your ranch house. Before making a final decision, it would be best to do some research into the houses around you. Have any of them recently had additions made and then been sold? If so, did they recoup the money they spent? The answers you get may help you decide about your own addition.

What type of additional footage do you need? Do you need a larger kitchen, master bedroom, or master bathroom? These are usually good choices for additions because people are interested in these rooms being larger in a house. If you want to add on a room for recreation purposes, that may not be a wise choice. You may not make all the money back for the addition.

It makes sense that people want to get the biggest house they can, especially if they have a family. They may need the extra room and therefore be more willing to buy a larger house.

There are a few Mistakes to Avoid when Remodeling a Ranch Style Home.  You need to keep the other houses in the neighborhood in mind as you think about adding on to a 50s ranch house. You won’t want your house to stand out from the others in a negative way. If it’s too large, compared to the other houses around it, it may not be a good selling point.

Normally adding on to a 50s ranch house is a good idea if you consider the houses around you and how long you plan to stay in the home. Take your time and think about your reasons for adding on. Then you can make the decision and not worry too much about how much you’ll recoup on a future sale.

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