Building A Pergola: A Few Things To Keep In Mind That Can Save You Money

by Debra

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It’s not difficult to see why garden pergolas are so popular.  A pergola can be be used to break up an enormous garden or yard, link one area to another or as a focal point. It could be a structure for growing climbing plants and, maybe most excitingly, it can be an outside room for relaxing or entertaining. Who wouldn’t want an additional room in their home?

the pergola photo credit: Lisa Sanderson

It all starts with the right pergola designs. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you draft your first set of plans.

3 Things To Avoid

1.  Building your structure in a part of the garden or backyard where there are water pipes, gas pipes or electric cables. Ring 1-888-258-0808 to find your Nation’s’s “Call Before You Dig” number. You will be put into contact with the relevant utility companies. Generally, they’ll come out inside a week to mark out where your uses reside underground.

2.  Building a pergola that’s too giant or too little. You want the structure to be of a size that does not look out of proportion to the size of the garden. And you want it big enough to fulfill its function. For instance, if you want an amusing space it’s got to be large enough to accommodate chairs and possibly a table. Again, this is where your plans for building a pergola will save you potentially thousands of dollars.

3.  Paying too much for your pergola. Kits are really pricey. Pergola plans represent far improved value for cash. You can always hire someone to construct it if a DIY pergola project does not appeal.

3 Things To Do

1.  Check with your Local Authority whether any authorizes or conditions apply to building a pergola in your backyard or garden. The rules do alter from area to area.

2.  Think carefully about where you would like to find your structure. Away from the house would be better if you would like a retreat, closer to the house if you would like to use your pergola for eating and entertaining. And take into account sun and wind direction.

3.  If you’re going to build a pergola with plants, select the varieties wisely. If you need to grow vines, opt for varieties that don’t attract bees. And if little children are likely to be playing near the structure it’s best to avoid climbing roses as their thorns may cause evil cuts and scratches.

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