Bungalow Exterior Paint

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Bungalow Exterior

Although the name “bungalow” comes from India, this style of house is an entirely American architectural style.  Bungalows are single-story houses with a low-pitched shingle roof.  They were popular during the 1910s and 1920s.  The bungalow exterior paint was earthy and muted in tone.

Craftsman-style bungalow in North Park, San Di...
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The bungalow had an unusual floor plan.  In most cases, particularly in the early years of this style, there was a main central living area.  The remaining rooms – kitchen, dining area, bedrooms, and bathrooms – clustered around the central area.  The house had plenty of windows and a welcoming front porch.

Similar in style to the Craftsman and Prairie style houses, the bungalow is best suited to those who enjoy a simple or informal lifestyle.  Those that enjoy the outdoors will enjoy this type of house because has wide porches that create additional outdoor living space.  The bungalow helps the homeowner to embrace the outdoors as they use the various porches and open the many windows.

It is very common to see a bungalow among trees and shrubs which helps the home to remain as private as the homeowner prefers.

Of course, the Bungalow Exterior Colors may help the home almost disappear among the foliage depending upon how the house is painted.  Most bungalows have earth-tone shingles that contrasted with the muted shades of the bungalow’s exterior paint.

Harriet Phillips Bungalow, Claverack, NY, USA
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Historical colors for bungalow exterior paint include walls that were painted gray, trim painted deep green and accent colors in copper red.

Other combination’s included walls painted in bronze green, trim in Birdseye maple, and accents painted in hammered silver; wall color suede, trim in brass, and accents painted in polished mahogany.

Many first-time home buyers are interested in bungalows because they allow the home buyer to learn about home ownership without becoming overwhelmed.  The size of the home means there is less upkeep than there would be for a larger home.  They are also a good choice for people who have mobility impairment because there are no steps to contend with.

Photo of a typical front-gabled California bun...
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There are a number of variations on the bungalow concept.

These include the ranch bungalow that has the bedrooms separated from the remaining living areas similar to the ranch style house, raised bungalow which actually has a basement that is partially above ground, and the chalet bungalow which offers a second story loft area.

No matter the layout of the bungalow, exterior paint combination’s are most likely similar.  Of course, this could depend upon the location of the house.  When repainting the home, it is probably best to leave the color of the house as close to the original as possible.  Historically accurate bungalow exterior paints can be purchased from suppliers such as Sherwin Williams, Pittsburgh Paint, and Lowe’s.

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