Decorating Ranch Style House

5 Steps To Take Before You Walk Into A Furniture Store

debra shopping

Remodeling doesn’t simply happen over night. It’s a process. Some of it fun. Some of it painful. And by painful I mean all that stretching and reaching as you paint the walls and move furniture around. Of course it can also mean replacing old furniture with something new and fun. Woo HOO!!! Let’s go shopping!!! […]

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House Painting Issues: Dealing With Lead Paint

House Painting Issues: Dealing With Lead Paint Home Do It Yourself As far as the majority is concerned, paint is usually believed to be harmless, the lead contained in it is the complete opposite and unfortunately, it has been proven a great many times to be dangerous. Lead can be everywhere but steering clear of […]

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Furniture Design: Then and Now


While humankind has used furniture as long as one can travel back in history, changes in designs have been a continuous process. Contemporary furniture design is said to have developed in the middle of the last century. Although, upon examination one finds that the fundamentals that ultra modern furniture designs are based upon, are similar […]

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Updated Dimmer Light Switches and Covers

old fashioned light dimmer switch

Do you still have these old fashioned dimmer light switches? These switches make a loud “click” when pushed to turn the light on and off and you have to turn the dial to dim the lights. I hate the way they look – just not a clean design choice. And they bug me with the […]

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How To Pick The Right Decorative Fireplace

Fire heh heh

photo credit: Mel B. A hearth is a important addition to any home. They are perfect for providing some comfort during cold winter days and nights but better than that, they are fun. A hearth gives off feelings of friendship and love along with their warmth. No one can deny how nice it is to […]

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Home Improvement-Mixing Colors for Painting

Mixing colors

Expert Paint: Painting Kitchens: How to Choose and Use the Right Paint for Your Kitchen Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Cabinets, Countertops, and Appliances Most people use the color squares that are provided in the paint department, rather than going to the trouble of experimenting with colors on their own. This is simply because the paint manufacturer […]

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Mid-century Fabrics for Your Ranch Remodel

clothkits fabric 2

For most people, sights and sounds can bring back a whole flood of memories from when they were a child.  Some people are the same way when it comes to fabrics.  The fabrics have a certain look or feel that takes reminds people of times gone by.  If you own a 1950s to 1970s ranch […]

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Ideas For Remodeling 50s Ranch Bathrooms

Blue Bathroom View

When first-time homeowners buy their home, they may have some ideas in mind for making the house their own.  It’s common for new homeowners to paint or remodel.  They often want ideas for remodeling 50s ranch bathrooms thinking they’ll be easy because of their size. Don’t let the size of the room lull you into […]

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Decorating Your 1950s Ranch With Vintage Wallpaper

decorating your 1050s home with vintage wallpaper

The number of ranch style homes that were built in the 1950s is staggering. They have been lived in, remodeled, and had changes made to them with each new owner. If you’ve recently bought one of these houses, you may be considering decorating your 1950s ranch with vintage wallpaper. What type of wallpaper was used […]

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What to Do with Popcorn Ceilings

What to Do with Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn, a coating sprayed onto the ceilings of homes built between 1935 and 1979, is often one of the first items a new homeowner wants to change. They often feel these types of ceilings are dated or have heard about hazards associated with them. Learning what to do with popcorn ceilings is one way to […]

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