Remodel Ranch Home

Vintage Vinyl Flooring Patterns 1960’s

I ran across this catalog of Vintage Vinyl Flooring Patterns from the 1960’s – Congoleum brand: The testimonial on the front cover reads: For more than a decade America’s greatest inlaid vinyl line, achieves a new high in dollar value with AMERICANA — the luxury vinyl with the budget price. Here is subtle, fashion-right color […]

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Raised Ranch Home Renovation

Living Room to Entrance

You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and update your home. A raised ranch home renovation is something to consider carefully. Since there are stairs involved in your raised ranch home, renovation may seem like an impossibility. With a raised ranch house, the foyer is on the ground level of the home. Nearly one dozen […]

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Ranch House Addition Designs

Front bay window

photo credit: edgygrrrl Homeowners of ranch style houses appreciate the simplicity of the floor plan. This one-story plan makes living easier for those with limited mobility. However, they may consider ranch house addition designs to enlarge the house to better fit their needs. Ranch houses are typically twice as long as they are wide, or […]

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Tray Ceiling Lighting And Remodel

tray ceiling lighting

My older ranch style house had a tray ceiling hiding in the kitchen.  After my ceiling remodel I had a few options for Tray Ceiling Lighting. Under all the tacky plastic and wood lattice dropped ceiling were 6 huge florescent lights. Granted the kitchen area was full of artificial light… but the dated fixture helped […]

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Should You Install A Top Mounted Sink or Under Mounted?

What’s the best choice in kitchen sinks? Should you install a top mounted sink or an under mounted sink? Up until a few years ago – we only had one choice in sinks – all sinks were top mounted. We could choose from stainless steel, porcelain or cast iron. Remember the first time you saw […]

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Redecorating Guest Room With Travel Theme

Guest Room That Painter Lady

Ta Da! I finally finished (almost) redecorating one room in the house. Geeesh… what a project! We did scrape the ceiling, added 4 recessed lights and changed out that awful white ceiling fan. Yes – That black square on the wall ( next to the bed) is a flat screen TV. The white cord cover […]

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Kitchen Remodeling The Hard Way

Remodeling this old house

After sending out an email about my recent home remodeling – Brenda sent me an email mentioning that her and her husband had recently completed some remodeling projects themselves. Being the curious gal that I am… I asked for pictures. Wow… did I get pictures. First… let me just say that this is Remodeling The […]

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Replace Windows In Old Ranch Style House

If your thinking about how to replace windows in a old Ranch Style House… you have some choices to make. Plus… you need to learn the basics of measuring for replacement windows. It’s all easy – the video shows you in less than 2 minutes how to measure windows so you can replace those old […]

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Ranch House Remodeling Is A Sound Investment

Remodeling a Safe Investment For 2009 and Beyond By Steve Khan With bad news bombarding us on a daily basis about the doom and gloom around every corner of the US economy, what is an investor to do in these difficult times? The year 2008 will be remembered as one of the worst years on […]

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Tips For Ranch Home Improvement Financing

Ranch Home Improvement Financing

Remodel or Move?: Make the Right Decision Our homes are our sanctuaries and one of our largest investments. Most of us will put in plenty of time and money to improve its structure, appearance and comfort according to our own desires and personalities. While some projects on Basement Wall are small enough that you can […]

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