Regrout Tile In Ranch Remodeling

Regrout Tile

Ultimate Guide to Ceramic & Stone Tile: Select, Install, Maintain Got a shower or floor that has missing or dirty grout? I have a shower that I will eventfully replace the tile… but it’s not in the budget yet.  I wanted to learn how to repair the grout and leave it looking fresh and new. […]

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Remodel 1950s Ranch Kitchen

This little video is just for fun… it really doesn’t have a thing to do with Remodel 1950’s Ranch Kitchen. I was looking for ideas online and found some great road sign pictures and 1950’s style advertising… so I mashed ’em all together into a 1 minute video. It’s got great music… so just hit […]

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50s Ranch Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen in a 1966 ranch style house

Image via Wikipedia I’ve been playing around on the internet looking for before and after pictures for this Remodel 1950s Ranch Kitchen Video… and I found some really neat looking kitchen ideas. This video is less than 2 min… but packed with inspiration. Just because we live in an older ranch house – doesn’t mean […]

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