Cathy Is Sharing Her Craft Room Ideas

by Debra

in My Ranch Remodel

Cathy and I had a long discussion about our “artistic” spaces. She has a much larger room to work with than I do… and she wants more display area than storage.

You can read more about my craft room remodel here:

Country Victorian Style Craft Room Remodel

Cute Craft Room

We’ve pretty much transformed our home over the past 2 years and of course have a long way to go, but taking it room by room and doing what we could afford I could at least get each room pointed in the right direction!

My serious biggest issue is that I don’t throw things out!

I will hang on to old magazines for dear life!!!

And now I have a huge box of them that I am thinking about sending several to every one I know!!!!

I also save Christmas cards, but mostly special cards from friends and family.

Craft Room OrganizingThey bring such sweet sentiments when ever I come across them.

Needless to say I am finding lots of that kind of stuff sorting through things. But the principle of the fact is that what you decide to keep, store, organize or whatever, is only relative to the amount of space you have to keep it in!

My new philosophy is that if we have to keep it, we have to have a place for it.

Instead of tearing out my closet, I cut the shelves of 2 bookcases to fit into the sides of the closet.

I spray painted the 3 baskets, made tops for them and lined them.

I wanted to give them a “sewing box” effect as part of my craft/sewing storage.

By filling up the sides, left room for my hutch, lots more storage with that, and great new wall space for the wall hangings I made to display old brooches.

I am planning to hang lace panels over the front on tension rods.

Country Craft ClosetI am also getting rid of things that take up floor space.

I am also a scrapbooker and I think I own at least 1 of everything imagineable—-and have about 6 things that hold this stuff on the floor!

So all that is going to find a nice neater space to live in!

And I am only creating a specific amount of space to hold this stuff—because I don’t want it to take over my room and show up where it doesn’t fit!

I found pretty floral wall paper, which matches my border, that the entire closet will be papered in.

The small machine cover is made from a picture of an old antique machine, printed on printable fabric and then appliqu├ęd on.

The larger one covers my serger! My own idea and design!

As you can see my room is filled with all kinds of heirlooms and treasures! And I still have plenty of room for my 8’X4″ cutting/layout table! It is very well organized working space for me!

Scrapbooking StorageI am having so much fun re-doing this room as 2 years ago we were just anxious to get stuff out of the boxes.

I am determined now to make it lots more functional when I have big sewing jobs to do, and much better groupings on my walls!

My hubby was just thrilled to hear he will have to take down 2 shelves and move them for me!!!

Good luck with your room!

Fill it with all your favorite things to create your very own space just the way you want it!

I know what it feels like to plan an entire new "space". I'm still at
>> > the "clean" our the stuff stage. But I've been searching for pictures
>> > of
>> > spaces that speak to me.
>> >
>> > The house was purchased years ago with a pink room - including pink
>> > blinds.
>> >
>> > I filled it with so much stuff - that it just seemed to be an
>> > overwhelming job to clean it out.
>> >
>> > But - because of you and others like you... we all seem to want "new"
>> > spaces to get our creative juices going.
>> >
>> > I've always wanted a room that I could call a "studio" instead of
>> > calling it a black hole. LOL
>> >
>> > It's at a point now where stuff goes in and you have to kick it in just
>> > a bit more to get the door closed.
>> >
>> > My secret to curing the overwhelming desire to just burn it all and
>> > start over?
>> >
>> > I hired my best friend to come and clean out the room for me. It will
>> > take weeks if not months and then comes the process of organizing and
>> > painting and new flooring and new cabinets.
>> >
>> > But... I'm excited about the finished project... which is keeping me
>> > motivated. And the idea that someone else is going to do most of the
>> > heavy lifting is a motivator as well. :)

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