Changing Kitchen Cabinets Makes Big Impact

by Debra

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When it comes to altering the appearance of the house plan, kitchen cabinets are often the first items thought about to change. Sometimes they are changed simply because of the color or the design, but sometimes because the family needs kitchen cabinets that are more friendly to their lifestyle. Especially in older homes, some of the more classic cabinets may be too shallow to perform a useful function by holding small appliances and larger plates and dishes.

As families grow, their needs change and in some cases, the existing kitchen cabinets may not be large enough to hold everything. Depending on the age of the units, they may also be deteriorating and threatening to turn into kindling during a midnight crash from the wall. Regardless of the reason, there are designs and styles of kitchen cabinets than can better suit the needs of the homeowners.

When changing the cabinets that are attached to the wall and basement, consider also changing the ones under the countertop. A completely redesigned kitchen may also call for changing the countertop, but is not actually necessary. Having the needed space and making it more convenient can be accomplished by installing new kitchen cabinets.

Budget May Restrict Work To Refinishing

Removing old kitchen cabinets and installing new ones can be a dirty and somewhat costly endeavor and if the cabinets are not falling apart, refinishing them can save a ton of money. The doors can be removed for easier access and the work on them can be done in the basement or garage, away from dishes and food items. Once the work is done, replacing the old hardware with newer, more modern hinges and handles can make an amazing difference in their appearance.

At some point, someone may have painted the kitchen cabinets and while it will take work to get all the old layers of paint off, the condition of the wood may be surprisingly good. Of course, there was a period in the 1960’s when many units of kitchen cabinets were made of metal and rust may demand they be replaced with new ones. Proper care would call for them, if not in too bad a shape, to be sanded and repainted once all the old paint is gone.

The overall appearance of the kitchen plan can be greatly enhanced by fixing up or replacing the kitchen cabinets and depending on the budget for the project, the cabinets can be repainted, refinished or replaced. Keep future projects in mind so that in the end the kitchen represents a unified color and design.

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