Changing the Floor Plan to an Open Contemporary Style

by Debra

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Homeowners of Ranch House Style appreciate the fact that everything is easy to access because of the house only being one floor. However, sometimes they feel the homes are closed off more than what is preferred. Changing the floor plan to an open contemporary style is one way to update your Ranch style house.

It’s not difficult to change the floor plan of a Ranch style house, although it would be wise to do your research before beginning to make changes. Most Ranch style homes were built prior to the 1980s when the use of asbestos in home building was banned. If you choose to remodel your home yourself, be sure to take all necessary precautions to avoid breathing asbestos fibers.

An open floor plan has many benefits. It is easily customizable, flexible, and can provide an efficient use of space. The open floor plan allows plenty of light, air, and is creates a more modern feel to an older home.

Many Ranch style home owners consider adding onto their home in order to give it more of an open contemporary style. Quite often adding onto an existing home can be very expensive. Staying within the “footprint” of your current home is much less expensive. So, what other options are there?

As long as you’re not removing a weight-bearing wall, you can move or remove walls to open up more space. Consider creating a larger living area by making bedrooms smaller. Be sure, however, to check to see what size the bedrooms are in the other homes in your neighborhood. You won’t want to reduce bedroom sizes too much.

  • Are you trying to create a larger kitchen?
  • Is your living room or den too small?
  • Would you like to add more floor space in your master bedroom?
  • All of these are great reasons for changing the floor plan to an open contemporary style.

Opening up the wall between the kitchen and other living areas so you can visit with company is a great way to make your floor plan more open. Create a half wall with a countertop to give the impression of more space.

The floor plans of ranch style houses are often very similar. Changing the floor plan to an open contemporary style is a way to make your home unique. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your home. Having a different layout than the other homes in the area may be a great advantage if you choose to sell your home in the future.

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