Choosing Colors For A Brick Ranch Style House

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What paint colors go well with pink brick ranch houses? Do you need help choosing colors for a brick ranch style house? Recently got just this question.

House Colors: Exterior Color by Style of Architecture

“I need help. buying a ranch style home in Texas built in 1974 and it needs a paint lift bad. It’s painted chocolate brown now. looks pretty bad. Brick is light pink. Any suggestions for color?”

She hadn’t sent a picture yet, so I took a stab in the dark at paint color choices:

“If the brick is a light pink try taupe or lighter sage greens for color choices.”

This house is so classic ranch style… and the fact that all the natural green work so well with the light pink brick is fantastic. But I can see where the brown trim and shutters just don’t have much life. Let’s see if we can’t spark up the color a bit!

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Of course, the trim could all be painted a light creamy white. That would lighten everything, but it’s a bit boring.

So here is my suggestion – Paint all the trim (except the shutters and doors) in Benjamin Moore – Storm Cloud Gray. This color looks like milk chocolate on my computer monitor but I know it’s a mid-tone green/gray color.

For the shutters – let’s add some drama. Benjamin Moore “Black Forest Green” is almost black, but not a stark black. This color works really well with the “Storm Cloud Gray” and the pale pink brick walls.

Now… If you really want to step it up a bit… (and if you can get rid of that hideous screen door), see if this doesn’t peek your interest? Paint the door Red! Yep… I know. It seems like a bit much with all that pink brick and of course I’m not suggesting you use a fire engine red.

Choose a red that looks like an old red… not orange in any way. Think of a Persian rug red. And, hopefully you can add a bit of color with flowers. That landscape is gorgeous and so inviting, but it does need some color and personality.

Where did I find the help I needed choosing colors for a brick ranch style house? Right in one of my favorite books of course. All the colors were listed and it makes it so easy to see your home in a new color way.

House Colors: Exterior Color by Style of Architecture

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