Choosing Interior Paint Colors Video

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Choosing Interior Paint Colors Video

In case you haven’t noticed… We love to use vintage movies and pictures in this website. It’s not that we are trying to convey anything nostalgic… far from it. The idea is have a bit of fun while we talk about remodeling ranch style homes.

photo credit: Roberto Garcia-S

This video is a remake of an old 1950’s video all about Choosing Interior Paint Colors. If you click on the tab at the top of the page that says “video”, you will see our ever expanding list of mashups and remakes.

Anyhoo…. this fun video does have some great information. If you watch it for the fun of it… you might miss the lesson.

If you could use a bit of help choosing interior paint colors… or trying to decide what colors are good for mixing and matching – take a peek at the movie.

Color is used to excite you and calm you… but you need to know how to get the colors you want. You want a pleasant and tasteful room. You need a color scheme if you want a harmonious room.

Can’t Fail Color Schemes–Kitchen & Bath: How to Choose Color for Stone and Tile Surfaces, Cabinets & Walls

Maybe your selecting colors for your kitchen… this video is perfect to help in choosing interior paint colors.

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