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If you’re designing a bathroom from scratch and have plenty of budget to play with, then you’ve got an opportunity to create something extra special. Bathroom furniture design has developed hugely in recent years, opening up whole new avenues for stylish and luxurious living. Whilst there is a lot to be said for convention and traditional practicality; the contemporary twists that are now available can take your bathing experience to another level.

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A good example of a classic concept with a modern twist is the whirlpool bath. Whilst enjoying all the usual benefits of a standard bath, the whirlpool adds an extra dimension with jets of water massaging you. Designs and styles vary, as do the jet patterns, giving you the opportunity to find a model that fits in with your bathroom and meets your personal requirements.

Corner Baths

Corner baths, even without the added luxury of a whirlpool option, provide a completely different perspective from the standard rectangular tub. With added freedom of movement, even extra depth, it’s an experience that you’ll look forward to time and time again. There are models of all sizes, and can be useful where space is at a premium. There are even submerged designs that can be built in to the floor or an existing solid enclosure.

Steam Showers

If you’re more of a shower person then there are plenty of fantastic options available to provide that sensual and luxurious experience. If you’re looking for the very height of luxury and cost is no object, then a steam shower could well be the thing for you. Combining invigorating body jets that provide coverage from head to toe with your standard shower head, it offers an unrivalled experience. As a self-contained unit it produces a beautiful steamy experience and often comes complete with the latest technology – including LCD display and FM radio – it is ideal for the modern home.

Choosing a Shower Enclosure

Whilst the steam shower is a fantastic integrated system, if you’re only looking to create your own shower complete with enclosure and system, you’ll want to select the component parts individually. Shower enclosures range from the simple to the ornate. Available in a variety of shapes, suitable to stand anywhere in the bathroom, contemporary design offers you the kind of versatility that would never have been possible in days gone by.

Power Showers

Once you’ve chosen your stunning glass enclosure (or perhaps even a wet room style instead), you then have a choice of showers at your disposal. For the highest pressure and the very best in versatility, it has to be a power shower. Packed with features, including temperature safety cut-offs and a choice of unique spray patterns, the power shower remains one of the most popular choices in bathrooms throughout the country.

Electric Showers

Not far behind is the electric shower. It too offers a great deal of power as well as a similar diversity of safety and luxury features. Whilst thermostatic controls maintaining temperature at the designated level and a fantastically enjoyable spray pattern – although this is often determined by the head itself – you can really indulge yourself and relax in your own bathroom oasis.

Be sure to get precise measurements for your bathroom and also ensure that water pressure is compatible with the device you’re looking to install. If you’re shopping for bathroom furniture online, be sure to check out the specifications and don’t be afraid to contact the company to enquire further about compatibility with your system.

With the amazing choices that are available to you today, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to designing your perfect bathroom suite. So for a sumptuous shower or a beautiful bath, shop around and get yourself a great deal.

Below are a few things to consider for the rest of the bathroom:

  • Bath
  • Decor
  • Shower enclosure
  • Basin
  • Shower
  • Toilet

Design Ideas for Bathrooms (2nd edition)

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