Decorating Your 1950s Ranch With Vintage Wallpaper

by Debra

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decorating your 1050s home with vintage wallpaperThe number of ranch style homes that were built in the 1950s is staggering. They have been lived in, remodeled, and had changes made to them with each new owner. If you’ve recently bought one of these houses, you may be considering decorating your 1950s ranch with vintage wallpaper.

What type of wallpaper was used in the 1950s and where on earth would you find it, you wonder? There are stores that specialize in vintage wallpaper, just as there are those that have vintage fabrics or reproductions of them. It may take a little bit of effort, but if you want to use them, you can find vintage wallpapers.

The best place to start, unless you live in a major city, is to head to the internet. You can search for the phrase “vintage wallpaper.” There will be many links for you to look at and hopefully find what you’re interested in.

The 1950s ranch may have had wallpaper with some type of plant motif. Fruits, ivy, and floral designs were common during this time. They also used reds and greens quite a bit, and often had geometric shapes on them.

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Some of the newer kitchen appliances can be purchased in red or green, so these would work well when decorating your 1950s ranch with vintage wallpaper. If you can’t find enough wallpaper for the entire kitchen, especially since many kitchens have been enlarged, you may be able to find enough to use in the dining area.

Decorating your bathroom with vintage wallpaper might be easier. Quite often they used simple geometric shapes, sometimes with a marine motif. Sea shells, fish, driftwood, and sailboats were popular designs at the time. Greens and pinks were often used in bathrooms of the time.

For the bedroom, decorating your 1950s ranch with vintage wallpaper would probably mean a bold floral pattern. Colors were often muted, but a man’s man may still have problems with flowers of any kind all over the bedroom walls. Take your time when finding wallpaper for your bedroom, and consider how a man would feel in the room.

vintage wallpaperHave fun with the vintage wallpaper. You don’t have to go crazy with it to bring back the “feel” of the era. When you’ve finished with the wallpaper, you may find that it helps bring back memories from a simpler time.

Vintage wallpaper can be used in nearly every room of your home. If you’re decorating your 1950s ranch with vintage wallpaper, consider using it on a focal wall so it doesn’t look entirely out of place with your modern furnishings. Most importantly, enjoy the experience and how it makes yourhome feel.

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