Did I Really Want To Remodel My Ranch Style House

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Did I? Do I? Really? I mean – did I really want to remodel my ranch style house? My remodeling problems are much the same as any remodel – but my ranch home has some interesting idiosyncrasies that make it almost painful to watch the workers as they struggle to find “the one circuit breaker” that actually turns off the electric feed into the living room.

Hi… My name is Debra Conrad – and they call me THAT Painter Lady.

You can read about my life as a “closet decorator” here:  Debra Conrad

You may be wondering what I know about Ranch Home Style Remodeling? Well – I’m right Smack in the middle of remodeling – Again – and it will be fun to share my tales of woe and give some insight and tips to handle the frustrations of remodeling.

Debra Conrad Helps You Find Ranch House Remodeling IdeasWe have owned this house for several years (many several) and we love it. We live in a great rural neighborhood where we raised our two boys. We thought about moving several times… but where would we go? When you have a nice piece property and you have known your neighbors for years… moving seems like a “4 letter word”.

Of course – right now – the word “Remodel” is sounding more and more like a four letter word.

We tackled (hired out most of the work) remodeling a few years ago when some pipes in the foundation broke. Doesn’t seem like the best time to start remodeling… but those guys were in the bathroom anyway. Right?

Turns out this can be the most expensive way to go. Because you’re in a rush to get all the materials you need and the job started… you won’t spend the time and effort to comparison shop for new products. And getting at least three estimates for each job would be out of the question.

Plus… once you have workmen on sight – you hate to see them go, so if you are like me, you will start finding more projects for them to start.

I love the thought of knocking out walls – replacing carpet with tile – choosing great new wall colors… Don’t you?

It’s about the time your house is torn up from one end to the other – that you start thinking:

“Did I Really Want To Remodel My Ranch House”?

And so… the diary of my ranch house remodel begins.

I’m just going to start with today… and work on keeping you up to date. Plus – I will refer back to my previous remodeling and my future ideas and plans.

I do have a question for all those in the service business of remodeling?

Why do you tell the customer what time you will be at their house in the morning?

Why not just tell them “I’ll be their sometime”?

I am not a morning person. I hate jumping out of bed at 6 a.m. and I resent anyone who makes me. But I know that construction has it’s time table set to another clock. The early bird clock.

Because I want to be ready and cheerful for those worker guys (the ones who will make my home beautiful) I schlep my way to the coffee pot and put on my happy face. This usually happens around 7 a.m. because they have all promised to arrive at 7:30 a.m.

Then the waiting game begins…

  • When the clock strikes 8 a.m. and I have no workers on site – I’m miffed.
  • If the clock strikes 8:30 a.m. – steam is rising.
  • I will leave the house at 9 a.m. (even if I don’t have anywhere to go) because if I stay home I will start knocking down walls myself… and it would Not Be Pretty.

And – we have those days when no one shows up – Ever. I wonder where they are working? Does this person bake cookies? Do they have beer in the fridge? Maybe – they make lunch for the crew? What is construction crew etiquette?

Anyway… back to my diary. (I do get distracted)…

We had the electricians show up about 8 a.m. and the drywall guy got here about 8:30 ish.

All I want in the Living Room is:

  • 7 can/recessed lights (on two different switches)
  • 1 ceiling fan

Install Recessed Lighting

So far the two electricians have about 10 hours in and it’s almost done.

The reason it’s taking so long… the roof/attic space is tiny over this room.

Finally after crawling through the maze of rafters, insulation and ventilation… they got out the Saws-all and cut a hole in the rafters.

(That seems a bit extreme – doesn’t it)?

In the meantime – I am creating a new artist work space (Sounds better than “Craft Room”) out of a bedroom. It was becoming the catch all for everything room and even the path I had to get around the room had grown over with clutter. It was embarrassing… and a waste of space. Really… what did I need all that stuff for?

Yesterday – my contractor guy was in to tear out the closet. (I am replacing the closet with cabinets – I’ll share my ideas soon).

Update: The cabinet guy showed up this evening to give me the estimate for cabinets. Over $5,000! Wow!!!

After I picked myself up off the floor… I had to think about that for a bit. Most of the cabinets (if not all) are standard size. Nothing is custom really… except that I’m having them built locally and installed withing 2-3 weeks.

The amount of cabinets being installed in this little room would furnish a nice sized kitchen. And the Formica counters are included in this price.


Moving on with my story… You wouldn’t believe how much material goes into building a closet! When he started tearing out walls and headers and drywall etc. – The pile was huge!

Where was he going to cart all that junk off too?

Outside of course… but did he have to cart it right through the living room and out the front door? Finally we took the screen off the window and asked him to shove it outside through the window. (Seems like a reasonable solution -I wonder why he didn’t think of it)?

And… thank goodness we are replacing the carpet… what a mess! We asked him to scrape off the popcorn ceiling as well… that is a job I never want to tackle again.

Craft Room Remodel

Today, new drywall went in to all the areas where the closet destruction created voids.

About mid afternoon – it started to sound like a party was going on in that little room at the back of the house. I peeked in and their were 3 guys taping and texturing the ceiling and walls.

How cool is that?!?

They will be back this evening to spray the knockdown texture on the ceiling and wall patches.

He thinks he will be painting tomorrow… I’m on my way to purchase the paint. (I promise to get into the whole paint “choosing thing” someday).

By the way… I asked him if he would like to start on another room Friday. Yep – you gotta keep those workers busy or they leave to find other jobs… even if they show up late and cause frustration!


This is what a recessed or can light looks like before it’s installed.

Halo H7ICTNB 6-Inch Air Tite IC Recessed Light Housing

And “can lighting” is now installed in my Ranch – Hacienda Style Living Room.


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