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Styling with paint brings out the best features and subdues the unfavorable features in a house or a room. I you want to “style” a house you probably need exterior paint color ideas.

Study the house carefully. does it seem to be too high for it’s length? Then the roof needs to be a darker color than the walls. Dark roofs seem to visually sink a house lower to the ground.

House Colors: Exterior Color by Style of Architecture

If the house has shutters, paint the shutters of the upper story the same color or tone as the roof. This will visually bring the roof line lower as the eye will travel to the bottom of the dark shutters. Paint the remaining shutters the color of the body of the home.

Does the house have a roof line cut up with too many gables?

Everything about a many-gabled roof should be dark. Nothing should stick out in color. No dormers. No stacks. No chimneys.

The longest and straightest lines on a many-gabled house are the lines nearest the ground. Feature the front door. Feature the shutters on the lower floor only… so the ey does no unconsciously lift above the first floor but is held to where the lines are longest.

Do the dormers in the house stick out too much or not enough?

Dormers can make a small house seem larger by being painted on their faces the color of the side wall of the house. This will carry the side wall color up into the roof and give the appearance of additional height.

Dormers on a tall house should be painted a dark roof color. They will visually become part of the roof and not of the side walls., making the house seem lower.

Bungalow Colors: Exteriors

Is the chimney wall the protruding type that is visible from the outside, as it comes from ground to roof? If so, is it too large for the size of the house?

Large chimneys are large at their base, if anywhere. To appear smaller, they should be painted the same color as the body of the house. They will blend with it and their size will not be noticed.

Do the protruding chimneys of the house seem too small and weak looking?

The same rule for blending the chimney with the house applies to smaller chimneys.

Window openings of different sizes should be painted the same color as the body of the house. Otherwise they will disturb the unity of it’s over-all shape.

Where a color accent is needed to lower the roof line or to draw attention to the first floor, shutters help to achieve this result.

Perfectly Painted House: A Foolproof Guide for Choosing Exterior Colors for Your Home

If shuttered windows are of various sizes, remove all smaller shutters and leave only those of the larger and more uniform size.

A dark, warm colored door on a light house… or a light, cool colored door on a dark house… gives a welcoming note to your home.

So that’s what “Styling with Paint” can do for a house. Are you filled with exterior paint color ideas?

The tools you use are light and dark colors in combination to highlight you homes best features…

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