Finding The Best Kitchen Cabinets?

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RTA (ready to assemble) cupboards are an affordable way to have that designer kitchen without breaking the bank. I will tell you step by step the way to do the kitchen of your dreams or real close too it. Remember, there are several different kitchen cabinet styles to match your unique personality.

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Step 1 : Create a budget, you want to know exactly how much you’ve got to spend, Lower it by 2 hundred for just in case you want it for overages.

Step 2 : Select colours, for instance if you are doing a total remodel you will need to pick Wall colors, Cabinet Colors, Floor color & type, Counter top color and type. This can seem to be an overwhelming task but you can do it. Go to the book shop look thru all of the magazines and look at all the color mixtures. Buy the book or mag which has your colors. Remember way out colours are not good if you are planning to sell your home in a few years.

Step 3: The subsequent item on our list is design. It all starts and ends with the right kitchen cabinets plans. Most RTA (Ready to assemble ) cupboard outlets have design services that you may use for free, you will have to provide measurements and other information requested by the retailer. An alternative way is buy some graph paper and put a little design together yourself, play with it and have fun, have a blank slate. The web has great self-help areas.

Step 4 : A few Items you need to consider. Appliances, lights, Sinks, Taps . This usually is part of the design phase. Occasionally you are not replacing these, just reusing.

Step 5 : Once you’ve got a design all your colours and a cupboard style it’s time to start., Order your cabinets, Flooring etc. You will need to remove all of your cupboards. counter tops, and anything else you are replacing. Get your walls painted any electrical or plumbing moved and so on. Install Floors and than you are ready for cupboard installation.

Step 6: RTA cabinets are the best bang for the buck. You can get an all wood designer cupboard for thousands less. You have to do a bit more work but it will save you in the long game. If assembly and installation are just out of your league, hire an installer. Get a few quotes ask for references. Don’t be afraid to check out wholesale kitchen cabinets as well for more potential savings.

Step 7 : Counter tops, Laminate is the best priced followed by granite, solid surface and Quartz. If the budget is tight choose a HD laminate with a special edge until you can afford the real stuff.

Step 8: The Home Stretch. Install sink dishwasher, all other appliances. Touch up paint or add an ornamental tile back splash. Now set back and look at all that you have accomplished and pat yourself on your back.

Building Kitchen Cabinets

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