Furniture Design: Then and Now

by Debra

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While humankind has used furniture as long as one can travel back in history, changes in designs have been a continuous process. Contemporary furniture design is said to have developed in the middle of the last century. Although, upon examination one finds that the fundamentals that ultra modern furniture designs are based upon, are similar to traditional patterns and shapes, but with many modifications.

furniture photo credit: Artshooter

The main reason that has led to a change in traditional furniture design ideas is the shortage of space. As, Since, Given that homes in the past were rather large, roomy, furniture was, on most occasions, quite big. However, with more and more people now residing in in apartments and small homes, space has become a restriction. Bulky furniture now, in most cases, is seen as taking too much of the living space.

This lack of space has led to a number of pioneering furniture designs, which, while compact, come with a mix of traditional furniture design. Furthermore, with portability also being an aspect, the demand for ultra modern designs is also increasing.

Ultra modern furniture is available for a number of spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, patios, and even offices. Another benefit of ultra modern furniture is that it is normally light-weight, and is generally made of materials such as high tech foam, plastic glass, water resistant fabrics, different materials coated with wood, etc.

Modern Furniture photo credit: AndyFitz

The range that one can come across in ultra modern furniture is truly vast. From homes, to coffee shops, to high profile offices, you really can’t tell where you could get to see it next.

However, if you do plan to get some ultra modern furniture for your home or office, make sure that you maintain a fine balance when it comes to aspects such as comfort and style. When you do go shopping, a good idea would be to take along a picture of the space you want the furniture for, along with its length and breadth measurements.

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