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In most homes around the country, the basement is the most ignored room of the house. The depressing thing is that this space could be so much more if the homeowners would just take the time that is required to change the look from efficient to extraordinary. Many basements will take a little more than minor home decorating skills while other basements in the country just need a splash of color and some style to make the basement the most popular room in the home.

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Since the basement is the darkest space in the home, it makes for a perfect media room. In fact, since there is low light and low ceilings, it will be the most excellent place for media space for surround sound and theatre seating. The only downside to this home decorating idea is that you won’t be able to keep the neighbors away to watch their new movie or listen to their new music CD.

Speaking of music CDs, this basement plan would be just the thing for an art and music studio. Basements can easily be segmented off into smaller rooms. Particularly musicians would like the option to soundproof the basement. The room can be filled with a music stand, a chair to sit, and you can even decorate the room with music notes on the wall.

The basement is a perfect place for refuge and peace. It can be a place where you can get away from the family. You will want comfortable seating and maybe a desk. It’s a good place to use as a workplace for your computer or laptop. You will want to get ample enough lighting for what you will be doing in the basement.

You need to keep in mind the dampness of basements. It’s best to have a dehumidifier somewhere in the basement. You need to avoid mold and mildew at all costs.

Basement Ideas that Work

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