Home Depot Cabinets Might Save Me Money

by Debra

in My Ranch Remodel

measure-for-new-cabinetsAfter the price quote for custom cabinets sunk in for a week… I decided to see if  Home Depot cabinets might save me money.

Home Depot has cabinets that are in stock and can be just pulled off the shelf… or you can order the standard sizes and have them delivered to your home.

These are pre-assembled cabinets – not the style that has to be put together. Yes… I could save a ton of cash putting together my own cabinets…. but, I would like to have all the cabinets ready to install.

Because I am going to be using more than 3 cabinets… I would  order the entire set and have them all delivered at one time.

Home Depot will install the cabinets for about $80 each… so I have to add that cost to the cost of the cabinets. I did find someone that will install the cabinets… so I am getting an “install estimate” from him as well.

Because these cabinets are not going to be used in a kitchen… but in an art studio – creative space.  I don’t need “decorative” cabinets. I need hard working cabinets.

Head into Home Depot and pick up the 6 page planner that includes the prices for all the cabinets. Once your done with the list of all the cabinets – take it to the designer at Home Depot to have them order the cabinets. Of course you can order cabinets online as well.

I am also going to try the free space planner online here:

Home Depot Kitchen Cabinet Space Planner

I like the idea of using the Hampton Bay brand because they also have lot’s of different free standing cabinets available in this line.

Hampton Bay 1 drawer Tall Cabinet

Buy the way… it looks like I will save at least $1200 purchasing the cabinets from Home Depot and having them installed.

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