Ideas For Remodeling 50s Ranch Bathrooms

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When first-time homeowners buy their home, they may have some ideas in mind for making the house their own.  It’s common for new homeowners to paint or remodel.  They often want ideas for remodeling 50s ranch bathrooms thinking they’ll be easy because of their size.

Don’t let the size of the room lull you into a false sense of security.  Any renovation is daunting, and that includes making major changes to a bathroom.

Blue Bathroom ViewQuite often 1950s ranch bathrooms are painted in an effort to tone down some of the outdated tiled walls and floors.  A homeowner may decide to wallpaper instead of paint, but they may decide that these superficial changes just aren’t enough.  They want to gut the bathroom and start new.

Before tearing everything out, look for other options to update the look without all the hard work.  For instance, you can get kits that will allow you to paint the tiles – both on the floor and the walls.  Follow the directions carefully.  The finish will last a long time and will be much cheaper and quicker than removing the tiles and replacing them.

You can remove the tiles and find more up-to-date tiles instead.  With all of the tile options available today, surely you can find something that you’ll like.  You can choose from varying sized tiles in glass, stone, ceramic, and metal with several options in each medium.

faucetOther ideas for remodeling 50s ranch bathrooms include changing out fixtures and adding accessories. Be prepared for sticker shock when you go to look at new fixtures for your bathroom.  You can find some that aren’t terribly expensive, but the better quality and more stylish fixtures can cost a good deal.

Get the best quality fixtures your budget can afford.  Not only do they offer the best styles, they offer the most variety in finish to match your décor.  Some of the more expensive fixtures also have better warrantees on them.

Accessories can make a large change in the way a small bathroom looks. Change out the shower curtain to match your décor.  Add a large mirror to give the illusion of the room being larger.  Use a great throw rug to cover the floor, help keep your feet warm when you get out of the shower, and give the room some softness.  Don’t forget about the possibility of new towels and curtains to match.

These ideas for remodeling 50s ranch bathrooms barely scratch the surface on the different ways you can update your bathroom without breaking your budget.  Start with the easier and cheaper ideas first, and you’ll see how different your 50s ranch bathroom can look!

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