Kitchen Remodeling The Hard Way

by Debra

in Remodel Ranch Home

After sending out an email about my recent home remodeling – Brenda sent me an email mentioning that her and her husband had recently completed some remodeling projects themselves.

Being the curious gal that I am… I asked for pictures. Wow… did I get pictures.

First… let me just say that this is Remodeling The Hard Way! Not one thing in this remodel was done with outside help. They did all the demolition, tiling, cabinet installation and window replacement themselves.

I had the luxury of supervising most of my recent remodeling. I will never complain about the noise again! I will learn to deal with the aggravation of a little noise or inconvenience so that I don’t have to do my Kitchen Remodel the hard way.

Anyway… here are all the pictures of Brenda’s kitchen remodel:

Remodeling this old house

Ripping out a few old walls.

rot and mold in kitchen remodel

This old house had some “issues“.

kitchen remodel moving walls

kitchen remodel new walls

view through new kitchen window replacement

Restoring the view with new windows.

Installing a new kitchen window

And where do you put all the “stuff” while remodeling the kitchen?

How Do You Survive A Kitchen Remodel

And they installed tile themselves on the kitchen counters!


Here are the finished countertop photos.  I think this about covers what we
have accomplished so far.  We still have a long ways to go as we plan to do
the rest of the house as well.  Just takes time and money.

tile kitchen counter

makeshift tile saw talble

Using a makeshift tile saw table.

mixing tile mastic

Mixing the mastic.

using tile spacers on counter top

Use tile spacers to keep grout lines even.

And then… They Installed A New French Door!

This is of the door we removed from the kitchen and put into our dining room.
It leads out to the garage.  This allowed us more room for cabinets in the kitchen.

painting french doors

Install a new door

installed new door

I am so tired just looking at the pictures! We are all so proud of Brenda and her hubby… they took kitchen remodeling to an extreme sport.

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