Mid-century Fabrics for Your Ranch Remodel

by Debra

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For most people, sights and sounds can bring back a whole flood of memories from when they were a child.  Some people are the same way when it comes to fabrics.  The fabrics have a certain look or feel that takes reminds people of times gone by.  If you own a 1950s to 1970s ranch style home, you may be looking for mid-century fabrics for your ranch remodel.

clothkits fabric 2When you’re remodeling a 1950 to 1970 ranch, you may want to use vintage fabrics. Maybe you want to find curtains that would have been original to the house or you’d like to find some mid-century fabric to create accessories for your kitchen.  Sometimes you can find these fabrics in thrift stores or at estate sales.  Did you know you may be able to find them online?

Go to your favorite search engine and type “mid-century fabrics” or “vintage fabrics.”  You’ll find thousands of links for companies that either have vintage fabrics from that time period or have created reproductions of them.  You may be able to find actual mid-century fabrics for your ranch remodel projects.

Edna's Kitchen

One way to use vintage fabrics in your house is to decorate your kitchen with tablecloths, table linens, and curtains that would have been popular at that time.  You can even use these fabrics with modern kitchen appliances to give the feel of the 1950s with the conveniences of today or you can search for retro style appliances that will finish the look.

Vintage Tablecloth - EmbroideredBe careful, however, if you decide to use vintage table linens.  Keep all vintage fabrics out of the direct sunlight so the fabric doesn’t fade or become weaker over time.  Use a non-damaging clear tablecloth to place over the fabric to avoid stains getting on it.  Removing the vintage fabric aside while you’re eating would be a better choice.
Another option for using mid-century fabrics for your ranch remodel is to use the bed linens that were so popular at the time.  Many of the sheets and pillow cases used in the 1950s to 1970s were white cotton with embroidery on them.  Don’t actually use the pillow cases to sleep on to avoid damaging them.  They would look great lying on top of the bed, especially if you can find a vintage quilt to place on your bed, as well.

When you’re trying to achieve the look and feel from an older ranch style house, you may want to find vintage fabrics. You can find mid-century fabrics for your ranch remodel if you try.  Don’t be surprised if the memories from your childhood start coming back to you when you see the fabrics from that time period.

Vintage Fabric Style: Stylish Ideas and Projects Using Quilts and Flea-Market Finds In your Home

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