Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling a 1950s Ranch Style

by Debra

in Remodel Ranch Home

Remodeling a house is something homeowners consider when there are changes to their family dynamics. Maybe they have a new baby in the house or have an elderly family member moving in and need an additional bedroom. Here are common mistakes to avoid when remodeling a 1950s Ranch style home.

Failure to plan well. If you’re planning to remodel your 1950s Ranch home, you need to have a concrete idea of what changes you would like to make. Check around to find the most cost-effective materials. Determine how much money you’re willing to spend and then estimate a little bit higher than that. Set a budget for materials and any appliances you’ll replace and then stick to that budget.

Be careful when adding on. One way to decide if an addition is a good choice is to determine your future plans now. Do you think you’ll be moving in the future or do you plan to stay right where you are? If you’re staying put, an addition would probably be a good idea. If you think you may move, for whatever reason, an addition may be more of a hindrance than a help in the future.

Do only the work you’re qualified to do. It’s quite alright to do some remodeling jobs yourself. However, anything that requires you to work on plumbing or electricity is better left to professionals.

You can still do some of the work yourself. Recognize your abilities and choose to do only those things you know how to do. In the long run, it might actually save you money to have a professional do some of the work.

Keep the integrity of your home. You’re not going to be able to turn a 1950s Ranch house into a Victorian style home, no matter how hard you try. This idea also applies to the interior design of your home. Try to match the style of the home as much as possible so that the remodeling doesn’t deter someone from buying your home in the future.

Be aware of recouping your costs. Let’s face it, not all types of remodeling will bring you the best chance to recoup your money if you sell your home. Your sole reason for remodeling shouldn’t be to make money; it should be to work toward creating your dream home.

Homeowners don’t always count the cost of making changes to their homes. These mistakes to avoid when remodeling a 1950s Ranch style house are common to any style home. Take your time, plan well, and then enjoy the areas you’ve remodeled when you’re done.

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