My Favorite Craft Room Ideas

by Debra

in My Ranch Remodel

desktop_full_viewI know what it feels like to plan an entire new “space”. I’m still at the “clean” our the stuff stage. But I’ve been searching for pictures of spaces that speak to me.

<– This is my favorite so far.

You can read more about my ranch remodel here:

The house was purchased years ago with a pink room – including pink blinds.

I filled it with so much stuff – that it just seemed to be an overwhelming job to clean it out.

But – because of Cathy and others like her… we all seem to want “new” spaces to get our creative juices going.

I’ve always wanted a room that I could call a “studio” instead of calling it a black hole. LOL

Need Craft StorageIt’s at a point now where stuff goes in and you have to kick it in just a bit more to get the door closed.

<– This is just some of the “stuff” from the room. Most of this pile is genealogy and keepsakes.

My secret to curing the overwhelming desire to just burn it all and start over?

I hired my assistant to clean out the room for me. It will take weeks if not months and then comes the process of organizing and painting and new flooring and new cabinets.

But… I’m excited about the finished project… which is keeping me motivated. And the idea that someone else is going to do most of the heavy lifting is a motivator as well. 🙂

I’m sharing links to some of my favorite craft room ideas.

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Linda Connolly July 5, 2009 at 9:36 pm

GENEALOGY!! You do that genealogy?? Me too!! We have to talk genealogy. I love the stuff you posted on my faux brick floor and my painted rug. Also, I can so relate to that picture of your piles of stuff. I get my two rooms a bit organized and then start using them to dump stuff in again and pretty soon there is just a small path into the sewing machine and the computer or knitting machines. I got lots of my idea’s from photos and suggestions like you give on your site so keep showing the tips and pointers. Linda

Rebecca Mills August 27, 2010 at 8:42 pm

Wow Debra i guess I am not the only one who stores everything in plastic bins and have them piled high to the ceiling. I’m glad you are getting things organized over there. Be sure to post pictures of the finished room and good luck with that.
.-= Rebecca Mills´s last blog ..Mahogany Moldings =-.

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