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Ultimate Guide to Bathrooms: Plan, Remodel, Build

Proper planning and a reasonable budget can put you on a path to a new renewed bathroom. The tensions of the day are melting away, as you look upon the classic lines of your new renewed bathroom. That might be nothing more than a daydream – for now. But with the proper planning and research, and a budget, it can become a reality.

There are many reasons to renew a bathroom, the first one being, of course, for your own pleasure and comfort. It can also be relatively costly.

In that sense, the cost per square foot to renew a bathroom may be higher than any other room in the house, because unless you yourself are a contractor, or a handyman extraordinaire, you can expect to hire a plumber, an electrician, a tile installer, a cabinet installer, and a painter or wallpaper installer.

If your idea of a bathroom is as a strictly utilitarian space, necessary for daily hygiene and nothing else, maybe you can get by with just a superficial remodeling project, involving nothing more than replacing worn-out or broken fixtures and brushing a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

The main reason for this is the high cost of materials, like fixtures and floor and wall tile. Often, the bathroom tub is used as the focal point of the room. And though the only requirement for a bathroom are a sink, a toilet and a shower, such sparseness is rare in all but the smallest homes.

Just Choosing The Sink Can Be Overwhelming.

Bathroom Sink

You can pick a customary self-rimming sink, an undermount, or maybe a vessel that sits on top of the countertop like an out of style wash basin. The countertop itself can be as simple as a laminate, or you can pick from among more exotic materials like granite, tile or marble. Faucets come in hundreds of styles and many different finishes, and can range in price from under $30 to hundreds of dollars.

There is now a dazzling array of sinks – some are undermounted, others self-rimming, and there is a new movement towards the old “wash basin” style, finished inside and out, sitting above the countertop. And don’t forget pedestal sinks, and wall-mounted sinks.

Be prepared to be overwhelmed with huge selections, in every color, texture, style and material. The same holds true with faucets, which have been honed over the years to art forms. You will see that in every aspect of your bathroom redesign, the ways and methods by which you can express yourself are stunning and seemingly endless – and so it is with faucets, too. Tile, marble, or simply just paint? Bold colors and designs, or muted earth-tones?

Coverings coupled with matching fixtures, enabling you to pick a bathroom right off the shelf – a custom bathroom ready-made! Yes,  a new renewed bathroom can be a troublesome and costly task. But it will be a lot of fun making all the changes, and should provide you with decades of pleasure and relaxation.

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