Home Landscaping Tips

When people come to your house, almost all the time the design landscaping that surrounds your house and defines the areas of your garden are the attributes that give people the first impressions of your property. The landscape design that you use is one of the most significant elements in determining how the people who […]

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Redecorating Guest Room With Travel Theme

Guest Room That Painter Lady

Ta Da! I finally finished (almost) redecorating one room in the house. Geeesh… what a project! We did scrape the ceiling, added 4 recessed lights and changed out that awful white ceiling fan. Yes – That black square on the wall ( next to the bed) is a flat screen TV. The white cord cover […]

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House Painting Issues: Dealing With Lead Paint

House Painting Issues: Dealing With Lead Paint Home Do It Yourself As far as the majority is concerned, paint is usually believed to be harmless, the lead contained in it is the complete opposite and unfortunately, it has been proven a great many times to be dangerous. Lead can be everywhere but steering clear of […]

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Kitchen Remodeling The Hard Way

Remodeling this old house

After sending out an email about my recent home remodeling – Brenda sent me an email mentioning that her and her husband had recently completed some remodeling projects themselves. Being the curious gal that I am… I asked for pictures. Wow… did I get pictures. First… let me just say that this is Remodeling The […]

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Finding The Best Kitchen Cabinets?


RTA (ready to assemble) cupboards are an affordable way to have that designer kitchen without breaking the bank. I will tell you step by step the way to do the kitchen of your dreams or real close too it. Remember, there are several different kitchen cabinet styles to match your unique personality. photo credit: TonyOlsen […]

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Building A Pergola: A Few Things To Keep In Mind That Can Save You Money

the pergola

It’s not difficult to see why garden pergolas are so popular.  A pergola can be be used to break up an enormous garden or yard, link one area to another or as a focal point. It could be a structure for growing climbing plants and, maybe most excitingly, it can be an outside room for […]

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Creating your very own Luxury Bathroom Suite

Bathroom Suite

If you’re designing a bathroom from scratch and have plenty of budget to play with, then you’ve got an opportunity to create something extra special. Bathroom furniture design has developed hugely in recent years, opening up whole new avenues for stylish and luxurious living. Whilst there is a lot to be said for convention and […]

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Furniture Design: Then and Now


While humankind has used furniture as long as one can travel back in history, changes in designs have been a continuous process. Contemporary furniture design is said to have developed in the middle of the last century. Although, upon examination one finds that the fundamentals that ultra modern furniture designs are based upon, are similar […]

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Home Decorating for the Basement

Basement set 05

In most homes around the country, the basement is the most ignored room of the house. The depressing thing is that this space could be so much more if the homeowners would just take the time that is required to change the look from efficient to extraordinary. Many basements will take a little more than […]

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How To Get the Premier Result from Installing New Flooring

Hard Wood

photo credit: CJ Sorg A capable home improvement specialist can work on your hardwood Manhattan flooring job to execute your wishes and requirements. With the increase of advanced manufacturing process, you are assured of topnotch quality work from home improvement professionals. In addition to revamping your home with new flooring, also try Manhattan painting. However, […]

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