Organizing Your Kitchens

Picture 78.png

photo credit: kevinmarsh It is really a pleasure to cook in a kitchen that is well organized and has nice pots and pans in the cabinets. Some people prefer to hang their pots and pans from the ceiling so that they can grab them and go with the flow of their fast paced kitchen environment. […]

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My Favorite Craft Room Ideas


I know what it feels like to plan an entire new “space”. I’m still at the “clean” our the stuff stage. But I’ve been searching for pictures of spaces that speak to me. <– This is my favorite so far. You can read more about my ranch remodel here: The house was purchased years […]

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Cathy Is Sharing Her Craft Room Ideas

Cute Craft Room

Cathy and I had a long discussion about our “artistic” spaces. She has a much larger room to work with than I do… and she wants more display area than storage. You can read more about my craft room remodel here: Country Victorian Style Craft Room Remodel We’ve pretty much transformed our home over […]

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Updated Dimmer Light Switches and Covers

old fashioned light dimmer switch

Do you still have these old fashioned dimmer light switches? These switches make a loud “click” when pushed to turn the light on and off and you have to turn the dial to dim the lights. I hate the way they look – just not a clean design choice. And they bug me with the […]

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Assistance with for Emergency Plumbing Situations


We need to be able to address rightly a Los Angeles emergency plumbing situation that will definitely occur at the most surprising times. The job requires us to take the correct initial corrective actions to avoid further deterioration and damage to our water system. The plumbing emergencies may be a result of simple problems like […]

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How to make your kitchen look different by just changing ONE thing!

I love this kitchen.

photo credit: melloveschallah Have you ever wanted to change your kitchen just a little bit without having to do a total room makeover? There are many ways to do this but one of thebest ways is to change your countertops. There aremany ways to do this, some are simple, lower cost do it yourself projects […]

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Home Depot Cabinets Might Save Me Money


After the price quote for custom cabinets sunk in for a week… I decided to see if  Home Depot cabinets might save me money. Home Depot has cabinets that are in stock and can be just pulled off the shelf… or you can order the standard sizes and have them delivered to your home. These […]

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How To Get Rid Of Popcorn Ceiling


I am removing all the popcorn texture in my home. It’s a dated look that you will not find in new homes… and if you want to sell your home (ever) this is a cheap update. You can see by the pictures that is is a messy job. Protect everything you can’t remove from the […]

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How to Choose Interior Colors for Your House

Choosing colors

photo credit: robertgaal In a perfect world, we would all be able to hire an expensive interior decorator to come over to our house, pick out the ideal tone and feel, match the cutains, rugs, kitchen tile, and walls to the precise blend of color combinations. Go to Spray Paint for more information. Unfortunately, interior […]

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My New Casa Contessa Bronze Ceiling Fan

Happy Dance

It is the little things that seem to get me to do the “Happy Dance” lately. Where a tiny hole existed yesterday – now hangs a new ceiling fan! My new ceiling fan is a work of art! Happy – Happy – Happy Dance! Until this ceiling fan was installed I had know idea if […]

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