Personalize Your Kitchen With A Mural Kitchen Backsplash

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Are you anxious to find a few kitchen backsplash ideas? You have to have a backsplash behind your oven and sink in your cooking area or else the paint will end up splattered with grease; often, you will have no way to restore the marred wall. There are plenty of ways that you can remedy this issue. Here are a few cutting-edge mural kitchen backsplash ideas for you:

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are among the most common kitchen backsplash ideas. Ceramic tiles can be put in quite easily on your own, or you can have a tiling professional come in and set the tiles. You need cement and grout when it is time to install ceramic tiles. Kitchen backsplash ideas with tile usually were intended for little 6-inch square tiles, but now the tile dimensions are much bigger. You can even incorporate a picture in your mural kitchen backsplash if you go with ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles will take paint, also.

If you already have ceramic tiles on your kitchen backsplash, you can modernize the area by painting on the tiles with glass paint. You can find paints out there that do not demand heating to set and that may safely be used on ceramic tile. Take care that you wipe a glaze across them; it will protect the paint and make the surface simpler for you to wipe clean.

If you wish to paint on the ceramic tile, you can get great results if you first use a preparation layer of primer. Primer is intended to strip the ceramic so that the paint coat will adhere to the tile. Painting tile usually requires at least two layers of excellent paint and primer. You also have to seal it when you are through with the artwork so you will have the ability to clean the tile. You should get high-gloss sealing solution and paint to provide a surface that is simpler to clean.

Laminated Backsplash

One of the most original kitchen backsplash ideas is the laminated backsplash. You can use laminated wood that you ordinarily wouldlay for your floor on your kitchen backsplash for a cool kitchen backsplash idea. Anything that you would use on the floor you can most likely use it to decorate your walls. You should take care that you follow the directions for the laminated flooring to guarantee that it adheres to the wall properly. This could be a good method for creating the backsplash if you prefer a log cabin look.

Mosaic Glass Tiles

Using Mosaic glass as a kitchen backsplash is among the more recent kitchen backsplash ideas making the rounds. This is a perfect way to really coax some fun into the kitchen. This can be a project that takes time, but is a project that you can do on your own. As Mosaic tiling is usually complicated work, it will take a while to complete. However, because mural kitchen backsplashes designs vary, you are unlikely to notice any flaws in the design; this can be an advantage for people who want to do this job themselves.

Take these kitchen backsplash ideas under consideration when you are trying to figure out how to address the kitchen backsplash area.

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