Plea To Ranch Style Home Sellers

by Debra

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It’s not unusual for homeowners to make changes to their homes.  Their circumstances may change, styles change, or they may simply get tired of the way things look.  From home buyers comes a plea to ranch style home sellers, don’t be guilty of using cheap cover ups when making those changes!  Think about what you are doing when remodeling your ranch style home to sell.

A tired stripper ;)What is a cheap cover up?  This would include doing anything that is going to be difficult for future owners to fix.  For instance, in the past homeowners chose to paint over wallpaper rather than removing the outdated paper and reapplying new.  While this may be a cheap and easy way to make a room look different, it’s not always easy to remove that wallpaper in the future.

Some homeowners have painted tiled walls or flooring with standard paint.  If you absolutely cannot remove the tile and replace it with new, be sure you find the paints that are specially formulated to be used on tiles.  You’ll also want to follow the directions carefully to get the best results.  Be sure to have the room well-ventilated to avoid health issues.

Be aware that styles change when you decide to paint a room with dark or bright colors.  While it may look great now, if you decide to paint over it in the future, or a new owner decides to paint, it may be very difficult to cover without multiple layers of paint.

If you’re sold on the idea of a dark accent wall, try to find other ways to create that look without using dark paint.  There are two options you can use that involve fabric.  First, you can buy dark fabric and create a panel that is hung from the ceiling.  This will give you the look without the paint.

Another fabric option is to buy enough lightweight fabric to cover your accent wall.   Apply starch on the upper half of the wall with paint roller.  Smooth the fabric onto the wall, adding push pins to keep the fabric from slipping.  Apply more starch and then smooth out the rest of the fabric.  By using fabric instead of paint, you can take it down, launder it, and then reapply it to the wall.  Or you can use it like any other fabric for sewing.

If they decide to buy your home they may decide to offer less than you want for the home because they’re going to have to fix your mistakes.

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