Raised Ranch Home Renovation

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Living Room to EntranceYou’ve finally decided to take the plunge and update your home. A raised ranch home renovation is something to consider carefully. Since there are stairs involved in your raised ranch home, renovation may seem like an impossibility.

With a raised ranch house, the foyer is on the ground level of the home. Nearly one dozen stairs are opposite the entryway door that leads to the main living area on the second floor. Some raised ranch houses have a balcony on the outside of the house that will enter directly onto the living area.

Ranch House RemodelEven though the house has differing levels, it is very much similar to the asymmetrical floor plan of the traditional ranch house. There will be a low pitched roof, deep set eves, and an attached garage. Quite often the bedrooms are on the lower level.

When considering How to Renovate a Raised Ranch Home, remember that there’s no reason that the stairs have to be a problem for you.

If the stairs are on the exterior, you may be able to change the look of your home by landscaping it differently.

Staircases can be moved with some planning. Be sure to get help from a structural engineer if this is something you’ve thought about. Should you decide to leave the staircases where they currently are, you can revise the entryway by changing out the doors or adding windows along the door to brighten the area.

Raise the ceiling and leave the beams exposed. You may also like to open up the rooms to create a great room. Add a fireplace to get the look of a lodge.

Expand the master bedroom to create a suite instead of having a simple sleeping area. Move non-weight bearing walls to enlarge the room and add a seating area. Since older homes aren’t known for having large closets, after you’ve moved the wall you can create the walk-in-closet you’ve always wanted.

Get the help of a qualified architect or contractor when deciding which renovations are best for your raised ranch home. They will be able to tell you whether the renovations you want to make are structurally sound or not. An architect or contractor may also be able to give you some ideas you hadn’t considered.

Don’t be afraid to renovate or make changes to your house. Think about the changes you’d like to make and then speak to experts to get the best advice. The changes may take a while to complete but the time and effort are sure to be worth it.

Remember not to go too crazy when it comes to raised ranch home renovations. Keeping with the home’s original style may be a better choice than trying to make too many changes all at once.

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