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Entryways have a lot to say about the homeowner.  For those that have a ranch, entryways say “Welcome, we’re glad you’re here.”  If the entryway to your ranch home isn’t so welcoming, there are ways to change it so it does.

If your home is pleasing to the eye and leads guests to your front door it is said to have curb appeal.

Start at the curb or sidewalk in front of your home.

Draw people to your Entryway by winding the sidewalk toward the house rather than having a straight line from point A to point B.  You may also consider lining the sidewalk with flowers or plants.

Lighting is another element that can give your home a more welcoming look.  No one likes to walk up to a dark doorway because they can’t see who or what may be lurking in the shadows.  Add some outside light fixtures by the door to help your guests feel more secure when approaching your home.

If you have a stoop or porch, decorating the front of the house can be a great way to make it seem more welcoming.  Depending on how big your porch is, you may be able to set out a small table and two chairs.  Plants can also make the porch look more comfortable to the eye, which will help set guests at ease.

Finally, your Door itself can speak volumes.  You may want to keep the door similar to the original style but do you know what type of door would have been placed on a 1950s style ranch?  It seems that doors currently built are designed for more modern homes or homes that are more formal than a mid-century ranch.

Unfortunately, many of the doors you’ll find on 1950s ranch homes are wooden slab flat-front doors.  They do little to welcome a guest to your home.  You may consider changing out your door, as well as painting and decorating around it, to make it more welcoming.

Doors that would be good choices to remain in the style of home include plain doors with three to four small windows cut in them.  These were generally placed on a diagonal line.  You may have also seen flat doors with three larger windows inset in them.

Whatever you choose to do to make your home more welcoming, the ranch entryway can be decorated to suit your style and your tastes.  Don’t feel pressured into sticking with the original style, the home is supposed to be an extension of your personality, so choose what you will.

Be sure to consider how your guests see your home when you’re decorating or renovating your ranch entryway.  Remember that you want people to feel welcomed when they come to your home, and your entryway can be a great start!

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