Ranch Home Plans Make a Comeback

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Ranch homes became popular starting in the 1930s. They continued to be the home plan of choice well into the 1970s. They are still popular homes with very few changes to the plans except for the amount of space. The good news is that ranch home plans are making a comeback. If you’re interested in a home that meets your needs, look no further than the ranch home plans of today.

Ranch homes are designed to fill up the lot on which the home is built. As a uniquely American-style of home, it was a change from the two- and three-story homes that had been built prior to 1945. Instead of going up, ranch-style homes spread out.

Most ranch homes were built in the suburbs in an attempt to give the feel of the country closer to the city. Don’t worry that you won’t have the space you need if you choose a ranch home plan for your home. There are still ranch home plans available today with plans ranging from 1,000 square feet to 3,000 square feet.

house plansThere are so many choices of floor plans available, each with specific features and benefits. They can also be customized to your own specifications and needs of your family. They use space efficiently, allowing for as many bedrooms as you need, and are much cheaper to build than a similar-sized two-story house.

Are you just starting out with small children? The ranch home is perfect for you. Everything is conveniently located on one floor. Are you nearing retirement age? This is a great house for you, as well.

In both cases, because the entire floor plan is on one level, you won’t have to worry about children or older homeowners falling down stairs. It will also make housekeeping easier. No more trudging up and down stairs to do the laundry.

The ranch home plan is the perfect plan for those purchasing their first home. They are cost-effective to construct, and even more cost-effective to maintain. One of the benefits to having a ranch home is that the outside plan is so simple; you can spend as much as you like to create the home you desire with the interior design elements you desire.

Is the kitchen the most important room in your home? Wouldn’t it be great if it was designed exactly the way you wanted? Find a basic ranch home plan you like and then find an architect to help you change it to what you’re dreaming.

The ranch home plan really is a versatile house. This versatility, along with the lower cost of building, is what makes this house style continue to be a popular home. If you’re looking for a new home, take a look at houses with the ranch home plan.

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