Ranch House Addition Designs

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Homeowners of ranch style houses appreciate the simplicity of the floor plan. This one-story plan makes living easier for those with limited mobility. However, they may consider ranch house addition designs to enlarge the house to better fit their needs.

Ranch houses are typically twice as long as they are wide, or very close to those measurements. A common size for a ranch style house would be 28 feet wide by 50 feet long, including a built-in garage. The houses are often laid out with bedrooms to one side of the floor plan and the remainder of the living space is to the other side.

When considering ranch house addition designs some homeowners look into the prospects of building a second story on their home, at least at the end where the bedrooms are located. While building up won’t take up any of your yard space, especially if your lot is small, it may not be the best course of action.

home additionBuilding a second floor onto a house will require that the roof be removed so the second story can be added. This could mean you would have to live in your living room or in a hotel until the upper level is dried in. If you have children it may upset them to see their home being torn apart despite the fact they will have more room when the renovations are finished. Second floor additions are also harder to recoup your money from if you don’t plan to remain in your home for more than a few years.

Homeowners may also consider ranch house addition designs that simply knock out a wall to put on the addition. This type of renovation will only require that one or two rooms be inconvenienced during the renovation, but the addition will take up considerably more lawn space. If you plan to live in the home after you retire, this may be a better option for you.

Finally, the other option for ranch house addition designs is to enclose the built-in garage. For those with limited capital to make the changes this may be the best option. You won’t have to knock out any walls and the roof is already in place so you won’t have to worry about weather delaying the work.

Check out some books about ranch style houses from the library or pick up a few magazines that show pictures of additions similar to those you would like to make. This literature can help you choose the best floor plan addition for your ranch house.

Ranch house addition designs are a popular way to give your home more space. Knowing ahead of time what you’d like and where you’d like to place the addition will help the architect design the renovation to meet your needs and your budget.

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