Ranch Style Home Kitchen Remodel Ideas

by Debra

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kitchenRanch style homes built in the mid-1950s are notorious for having small kitchens.  That’s why so many home owners are looking for ranch style home kitchen remodel ideas.  Perhaps these ideas for remodeling your kitchen will be what you’re looking for or at least give you a place to start.

If you need to enlarge your kitchen you basically have a couple of options:  move an existing internal wall, remove an existing internal wall (as long as it’s not load bearing), or knock out the exiting external wall to put on an addition.  Which option you choose will be determined by the amount of money you have to spend.

Moving a non-load bearing wall may be an easy choice.  You take out the wall by demolishing it and then construct a new wall to replace it, but set that wall in a new location.  Completing this type of remodel will most likely cause you to replace the flooring as well as cabinetry.

You can remodel your kitchen by removing a load bearing wall, but you have to be sure to leave columns so the weight of the roof is supported.  If you’d like an open floor plan, this would be a good option.  Again, you’ll need new flooring if you choose this option as you’ll need to cover the area where the wall was.  You’ll also want to have a logical transition from the flooring in the adjoining room.

Realize that if you knock out an external wall during your ranch style home kitchen remodel, begin work when you know the weather is going to be most likely to cooperate.  Major construction where the house is exposed to the elements is best started in the late spring or summer.

Decide on a style for your new kitchen.  Do you want something traditional and keeping with the original design of the house or do you want an ultra modern kitchen?  If you’re not sure, it might be time to go visit home improvement stores and see what is out on the market.  These may give you some ideas for your ranch style home kitchen remodel.  You can also watch home improvement television shows or read magazines that showcase the ranch style house.

You may be able to do a good bit of this type of ranch style home kitchen remodel yourself.  Remember to use qualified professionals to handle any plumbing or electrical work unless you are licensed.  Check around and find someone who can work within your schedule and budget.  Take your time, do things right, and when the work is complete, you’re sure to love your new kitchen.

photo credit: David Boyle

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