Ranch Style Homes With Courtyards

by Debra

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Improving your home’s Curb Appeal is one change that you can make that can greatly affect how much you can make if you decide to sell your home.    Ranch style homes with courtyards in the front will make your house stand out among other ranchers in the neighborhood.

Anyone who knows about architectural styles knows that ranch style homes are simple, one story houses that have a low profile.  There’s very little decoration to them, inside or outside, so they appear plain and non-descript.  Consider creating a courtyard for your ranch house to make your landscape more beautiful.

Many ranch style houses are rectangular and asymmetrical.  You can change the appearance of your home by adding solid walls to create a courtyard at the entrance.  The difference will be amazing, especially if you take as much care with landscaping in front of the wall as you do within the courtyard.

People generally won’t use their front yard much because they don’t have the privacy they desire.  Not only will creating an entryway courtyard increase your curb appeal, it can also give you that privacy.  Of the exterior of your home will determine the type of courtyard walls you build, so try to match them as closely as possible, or paint the house and wall to match.

Be sure to keep the style of garden appropriate to the style of your home.  For example, if your house has a rustic style you don’t want to plant a formal English garden in the courtyard.  Keep in mind the temperatures in your area and plan your courtyard garden with plants for your hardiness zone.

TranquilityDon’t be afraid to include water features within your courtyard if it is in keeping with your home’s style.  You may even decide to create an outside seating area around the fountain or small reflecting pool.  What could be more relaxing on a warm summer evening than to relax outside with the beauty and sounds of nature around you?

Remember to landscape in front of the courtyard wall that faces the street to make it appealing from the curb.  Plant flowers along the walkway to draw the eye to the entrance even though it’s behind the wall.

Some ranch style homes with courtyards have them in the back yard.  Many were designed in an L- or U-shape which creates a courtyard area.  If this is the case, they probably have an open floor plan with sliding glass doors that open up into the courtyard.  By incorporating the courtyard you’ll increase the beauty and curb appeal of your home which could bring you monetary rewards when and if you decide to sell.

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