Redecorating Guest Room With Travel Theme

by Debra

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Guest Room That Painter Lady

Ta Da! I finally finished (almost) redecorating one room in the house. Geeesh… what a project! We did scrape the ceiling, added 4 recessed lights and changed out that awful white ceiling fan. Yes – That black square on the wall ( next to the bed) is a flat screen TV. The white cord cover still needs to be painted.

I think I might like crown molding in this room… someday. For now – it’s Done!

My assistant hung all the decorator stuff on the walls. Having someone else look at your piles of “stuff” gives everything new outlook. I didn’t buy anything new for the walls in this room.

I’ll give you a little tour of the room and if I purchased something recently… I’ll show you where I got it. 🙂

The before pictures are quite hideous… I had no idea I hated the wall color of this room so much.

peach wall color guestroom

This project started with a new iron bed and the comforter set. Both were purchased 3 years ago (along with a new pillow top mattress set and carpet). I waited way too long to finish this room.

I found 2 similar comforter sets at J C Penny’s:

red comforter set

Red Comforter Set

red floral comforter set

Red Floral Comforter Set

Make A Cornice Red Flowers

I made the wall to wall cornice and covered it with an embroidered curtain from Target.

floral red drapes

Floral Red Drapes

The lamps were a steal at Target… they are black with a pale gray wash to highlight the carved texture. Of course the shades were extra… Target had these as well. The lamp shades are the same texture as the fake – faux silk drapes – just a slightly different color.

Black Table Lamp

Black Table Lamp

Fake Silk Drapes

Fake Silk Drapes

These reddish mahogany colored blinds come from Home Depot. I found them at Smith+Noble for 3 x the price. The blinds from Home Depot are Not lined – so I used a block out roller shade underneath. The glow that is cast in the room during the day is amazing. (I’m going to use the same treatment in my Master Bedroom – can’t wait)!

dark red bamboo blindsDark Red Bamboo Blind

I wanted bookcase style side tables in the guest room. I think drawers in a guest room next to the bed are creepy. I’m always afraid of what I might find. These tables leave plenty of room for drinking glass, reading glasses, clock, books and the lamp.

I found a table similar to this at Target… but much smaller. Then I scoped these tables out for about the same price at Pier One. Pier One is turning out to be one of my new favorite stores.

black side tableBlack Side Table

Soft Sage Green Wall Color

The other side of the room is a bit of “nic-nac” heaven. The desk is cluttered looking – Now that I see the picture… and I want plenty of room for guest to set down “stuff”.

The travel theme isn’t really obvious… it just gave me an excuse to hang all the art I’ve purchased when traveling.

These two storage ottomans are a “Best Buy”. Walmart gives these away compared to other stores. The faux leather has a nice finished look and the saddle stitching is perfect. These two stools give my guests a place to sit and put shoes on without having to cram a chair into the corner.

The beaded tassel hanging from the ceiling fan is actually a Christmas ornament. I have found a ton of beaded items in the import stores during the holiday decorating season… that I use all year.

A small mirror is all that is needed in a guest room… who cares about pantie lines when you’re on vacation.

brown storage ottoman

Brown Storage Ottoman

If you have any thoughts or suggestions about my re-decorated guest room – leave a comment below.

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