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Regrout TileUltimate Guide to Ceramic & Stone Tile: Select, Install, Maintain

Got a shower or floor that has missing or dirty grout? I have a shower that I will eventfully replace the tile… but it’s not in the budget yet.  I wanted to learn how to repair the grout and leave it looking fresh and new.

I have found some solutions for Regrout Tile in Ranch Remodeling:

Tile & Grout Problems and Solutions

By Elizabeth K

Tile is a popular flooring choice due to the ease of care, beauty and durability. Compared to carpet, tile is easy to keep clean and can last a lifetime but that doesn’t mean it is completely without problems.

Unfortunately, tile can build up unsightly dirt and grime over time that makes the flooring look aged and unattractive. Worse, dirty tile and grout is almost impossible to hide making it an eye-sore for homeowners and guests. Learn how to prevent common problem with these quick easy solutions designed to keep your Atlanta home looking its best.

Common Tile and Grout Problems

Broken or Cracked Tile.
Heavy items dropped at a distance or even air-pockets that developed during installation can sometimes cause a tile to form a hair-line crack or sharp edge. In many cases the crack is fine and barely visible to the naked eye but still requires attention to stabilize.

Dull Flat Tile. The finish on any flooring can become dull and tile is no exception. Whether glossy or flat finished, dirt and scratches can leave your tile looking old and dull instead of the clean fresh look it had when newly installed.

Dirty Grout. Unsightly stains and dirty grout are one of the worst problems associated with tile. In former years the remedy was to remove the old grout and re-work new grout; an expensive, dirty and time consuming process. Today, innovations in grout care make it easier than ever to restore your grout to its former clean fresh appearance.

How to Re-Grout & Reseal Ceramic Tile — powered by

Routine Maintenance

Regularly cleaning your tile floors will ensure that they last longer, as well as look good longer. Sweeping and mopping tile floors on a weekly basis will keep dirt, stains, and grime from building up on the tiles themselves and in the grout between them.

Regular floor cleaning will also help keep your home healthier by cutting back tremendously on the amount of irritants, such as mold, mildew, and bacteria, which also allows for cleaner, fresher air quality within the home. Using cleaning products on your floors will rid your home of these irritants.

Be sure to properly read the labels on all cleaning products you use in your home, for certain combinations of chemicals can be hazardous to your health. For example, you can clean your floors with bleach or ammonia, but combing the two chemicals can be extremely dangerous, and should never be used together.


How to Find a Professional

Unlike casual carpet cleaning, few homeowners are anxious to tackle a tile and grout cleaning job…and with good reason, it’s hard work! But when it comes to selecting an Atlanta tile and grout cleaning company, it can be difficult to know where to turn.

Not all companies are equal; make sure the job is done right by searching for a company like Kiwi Services with a nationwide reputation, Licensed, bonded and insured staff and reliable guarantee. Kiwi Services provides complete tile and grout cleaning to the Atlanta market with one quick call.

About the Author: Elizabeth is a professional content writer for Kiwiservices:


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