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When you remodel Ranch style houses, you want to maintain the simplicity of the style. One of the biggest draws to this house was the livability. It had an open floor plan for the main living area but also had a separate area set aside for the bedrooms. This floor plan allowed traffic to flow from one room to another. Often they had sliding glass doors that lead to a great patio out in the back.

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Another benefit of the Ranch style house is that the rooms could be easily rearranged to suit the homeowner’s needs due to the flexibility of the open floor plan. This style of house also lends itself to nearly any interior design, so don’t be afraid to create the home of your dreams when you remodel Ranch style houses.

If you want to maintain the feel of the 1950s and 1960s Ranch style house, you may want to keep these aspects of the house. If they’ve been taken out by previous renovations, you may wish to add them back.

  • Brick work was often seen on Ranch houses along with fieldstone.
  • A well-manicured yard was also expected if you had a Ranch style house.
  • The attached garage was new to Ranch style houses, so if it’s been changed into a living area, to bring back the feel of the original design, you may want to make it a garage once again.
  • Many Ranch style houses had lava rock fireplaces. To maintain the feel of the style, it might be time to find some lava rock.

The Ranch style house had clean, simple lines. They were never intended to be anything more than rustic and casual. Wood paneling was common in this type of home, and they also had textured, or “popcorn,” ceilings to help muffle the sounds of an active family.

If you plan to remodel Ranch style houses, there are some elements, such as the textured ceiling, that you may eliminate from the design. Doing so will not detract from the charm of the home, and will make painting the ceiling much easier. Other renovations you may consider include:

  • · Changing the roof lines.
  • · Updating doors from hollow core to solid wood doors.
  • · Taking out wall-to-wall carpeting.

Some people want to keep their Ranch style house as accurate as possible. Others are more concerned with making sure the house is comfortable. In either case, if you plan to remodel Ranch style houses, you’ll need to decide how accurate you’d like to keep your home.

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