Renovate Raised Ranch Homes to Suit Yourself

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Renovate raised ranch

Those considering making renovations to their homes are often plagued by doubts. They know what they want, and yet they’re afraid that their dream home may not have resell value in the future.

Many people will suggest that you renovate raised ranch homes to suit yourself rather than worrying about how well it will sell years down the road.

Knowing ahead of time how long you plan to remain in your home may make renovation decisions easier to make. If you plan on remaining in the home for a number of years, you’ll feel freer to make changes to suit yourself.

When you’re relatively sure you won’t be staying in your home more than a year or two, you may be less willing to make changes that won’t necessarily bring higher dollars on the sale.

If you plan to add on to your ranch house, try to use similar materials that were originally used in the house unless you plan on completely redoing the exterior. This will help maintain the character of the original house as well as keeping some of the outside elements.

Remember the basics.

Split Level HouseWhen you renovate raised ranch houses, it is probably better to avoid thinking horizontal if you want to add on. Instead, try adding onto the rear of the house especially if the visual from the curb is already a long box. It would also be better to have an additions offset rather than plunked down at one end or the other.

In some cases it is alright to add onto the end of a raised ranch if it is a true split level house. It would be best, if you’re going to add onto one side of the house, that you also increase the window size nearest the addition. This will help the curb appeal and make the house not look lopsided.

Another option for adding onto the length rather than onto the back of the house is to incorporate the built-in garage into the actual living space. You can then build a new garage onto the opposite side of living area which will create a more of a symmetrical look rather than an asymmetrical one. Of course, if you move the garage, don’t forget to redo the driveway as well.

Turn the garage in living spaceCheck with the local building ordinances in your city or town. They may have restrictions to the type of additions that can be made on particular models of homes. It is also a good idea to have an idea of what you would like to do and then talk with an architect.

Your primary goal is to maintain the curb appeal when you renovate raised ranch houses in addition to giving you more space. Talk with an architect and listen to their suggestions. The ideas you have may be great, but then again they may be better left on the paper.

When you renovate raised ranch homes you want to maintain the integrity of the house without destroying the look of it. There are ways to make renovations that will help the curb appeal and things that you can do to destroy it. Your best bet is to look, listen, and then decide what is best for your renovate raised ranch style house.

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