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If your thinking about how to replace windows in a old Ranch Style House… you have some choices to make. Plus… you need to learn the basics of measuring for replacement windows. It’s all easy – the video shows you in less than 2 minutes how to measure windows so you can replace those old windows with brand new – simple:

How to Measure for New Windows — powered by

Quick Tips For Window Replacement
By Billings Farnsworth

Replacement windows can be a money saver, but before you go out and make a purchase that likely will cost thousands of dollars, be sure to do your homework. Some advertisements from manufacturers warn “Stop throwing money out your old windows.” New and replacement windows will reduce energy consumption by 10 to 25 percent, but the payback is not instantaneous.

The cost for replacement windows in an average home can range between $7,000 and $20,000 or more. Custom sizes can add an additional 15 percent to this cost. Replacing decent single-pane windows/storm windows with new energy efficient windows will not show a net savings for an average of 20 years or more.

There are many factors that affect the price, including insulating features such as Low-E coatings, heat reflection properties, argon gas between panes of glass, and such nuances as double-paned or triple paned windows. Some custom windows have shades built into the glass!

Finding energy efficient replacement windows has become easier, however.

Which Style Of Ranch Replacement Window Is Best?

The least expensive is vinyl; however wood and fiberglass have been steadily coming down in price in the past decade. Vinyl replacement windows encompass about half of the replacement window market, mainly due to price and being maintenance-free.

Vinyl windows do not have to be painted or stained. The drawback to vinyl replacement windows is vinyl windows tend to leak air a bit more than the more expensive choices, especially in colder climates.

Vinyl replacement windows don’t have the same visual appeal as wood, and they can’t be painted or stained. So they might not be appropriate for older homes.


Window World of Utah ( offers high quality windows and window replacement in Utah. Billings Farnsworth is a freelance writer.

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