Southwest Ranch Style Houses

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What is the difference between Ranch Style Homes and Southwest Ranch Style Houses?

Let’s look at what’s the same in all Ranch Style Homes:

They are not always one story. Their are some ranch style homes that are called “raised ranch houses”. These homes are actually 2 story, but the first floor is garage and basement below grade… or partially submerged.

Their are also “split level ranch style” homes. These houses have 3 or more levels.

Ranch houses are generally one story.

They have a low or gabled roof with deep eaves.

Windows – even in the older styles – were often large picture windows or sliding/double hung.

They have a rambling layout shaped in a rectangle, L shape or U shape.

Modern styles are usually more open than the styles of the 1950’s. Space is used more efficiently. Most ranch styles are devoid of decorative details.

Tract Ranch Style House

Why Is A Southwest Ranch Style House Different?

Southwest Ranch Style House

They are still usually one story with a few minor (or major) changes.

The Hacienda style ranch would look more like a Spanish Colonial Revival Style.

Southwest Ranch style might have a flat pueblo style roof line.

photo credit: Aaron Jacobs

Often these pueblo style homes will have the round timbers (sort of a telephone pole look) jutting out from the exterior roof line.

Rustic wood doors, window trims and wrought iron gates often are used on southwest style homes.

They might even have real or fake brick walls.

Living in the Southwest United States does not make a home Southwest Style… I can attest to that. Our ranch home was a boring ho-hum run of the mill track house… But we have transformed most of our home to reflect a hacienda style on the inside.

Our Ranch Style Home Exterior is next to get a face lift.

The wood shingle roof will be replaced with composite tile.

The traditional style front door will be replaced with a mesquite solid wood door covered in large hand hammered Mexican style nail heads.

The paint color will change from light yellow-beige to something that resembles coffee with cream.

The garage door will be replaced… I am hoping for a rustic wooden gate look.

Most of the grass will be yanked out… and replaced with crushed gravel, brick paver’s and potted plants. We aren’t big on desert landscaping, but with our large mesquite shade trees… the grass isn’t happy anyway.

When you live in the desert southwest… it’s a bit difficult to explain the difference between a ranch style home and a Southwest Ranch Style House.

The differences can be huge or just subtle changes. The exterior could be pure southwestern style with the inside still resembling a basic ranch style tract house.

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