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Ranch Kitchen Remodel

One problem that 1950s ranch style homeowners complain about is the size of the kitchen. Most of the 50s kitchens are small when compared to today’s appliances. That can cause problems when you’re drooling over a new 48” range or industrial size refrigerator.

Before you begin making any plans for renovating your 50s kitchen, establish a budget for new items, cost of materials, and labor. Don’t scrimp on utilities. Be sure to hire a licensed professional to handle your electrical and plumbing needs.

Create a scale drawing of your house particularly your kitchen and the yard on the other side of the kitchen’s exterior wall. Can you safely knock out the exterior wall to enlarge the kitchen? Is the yard large enough for the extension without taking up too much space? What other rooms are on the exterior wall that may be affected by changes you’d like to make?

Write down everything you’d like to do to renovate your 50s kitchen. Do you want new flooring, cabinets, or appliances? Will you need a new sink, trash disposal, or lighting? What about the cost of a new roof as well as wiring, insulation, and siding? Whatever you can think of needs to be replaced, write it down everything.

Prioritize your list. Is a ceiling over the addition more important than a butcher block island? Can you be happy with a lower end set of cabinets and hardware if it means you get the stove you want? Make the decision which aspects of the renovations are “must haves” and which ones are “wishful thinking.”

Look online to find a remodeling cost estimator so you won’t go into price shock when you start talking to a contractor or architect about the renovations you’d like to make. You can find cost estimators at Remodeling My Space, Consumer Reports, or other websites on the internet.

Make the hard choices about how in-depth the renovations will be. Most remodeling cost estimators will have you fill out information and then give you a couple of options to choose from. If you know what is absolutely necessary you’ll be able to make those hard choices when it comes to letting something go so you stay within your budget.

Be sure to get a minimum of three bids for work unless you live in an area that allows homeowners to do that type of work on your own. Any work that you can do will save you money on labor costs.

Don’t feel like you have to choose something just because it is popular. Remember that the kitchen is yours and ultimately it is you and your family that have to be happy with the results.

Comparison shopping can save you a good amount of money. If you have your heart set on a particular range don’t go to the first store that offers them. They may not have the best price. Check with local stores and online to see if you can find the same item for less somewhere else.

It is possible to create your dream 50s kitchen without blowing your budget. Take the time to plan, make hard decisions about everything, and put as much sweat equity into the renovation you can. You may find that your 50s kitchen is everything you dreamed of and you still have money left over for dinner when the work is done.

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