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Remodel Outside Ranch Homes with Porches

Ranch House Porches

One of the complaints that homeowners of Ranch style homes have is that the outside of the house is boring, there’s nothing to set it off from other homes of the same style. Patios, Paths and Walkways are a great way to remodel outside ranch homes. If your ranch style home is like most, it’s […]

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Renovate Raised Ranch Homes to Suit Yourself

Renovate raised ranch

Those considering making renovations to their homes are often plagued by doubts. They know what they want, and yet they’re afraid that their dream home may not have resell value in the future. Many people will suggest that you renovate raised ranch homes to suit yourself rather than worrying about how well it will sell […]

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Ranch Entryways Welcome Guests and Family

2,772 square foot Ranch House model in Shafter...

Image via Wikipedia Entryways have a lot to say about the homeowner.  For those that have a ranch, entryways say “Welcome, we’re glad you’re here.”  If the entryway to your ranch home isn’t so welcoming, there are ways to change it so it does. If your home is pleasing to the eye and leads guests […]

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Traditional Doors For 1950s Ranch

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The door is more than an entrance to your home; it’s a way to invite others into your life.  Traditional doors for 1950s ranch style homes were solid wood doors that had small windows in various configurations to allow you to see who was at the door. When homeowners remodel, they often switch out the […]

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Ranch Style Homes With Courtyards

Improving your home’s Curb Appeal is one change that you can make that can greatly affect how much you can make if you decide to sell your home.    Ranch style homes with courtyards in the front will make your house stand out among other ranchers in the neighborhood. Anyone who knows about architectural styles knows […]

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