Traditional Doors For 1950s Ranch

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The door is more than an entrance to your home; it’s a way to invite others into your life.  Traditional doors for 1950s ranch style homes were solid wood doors that had small windows in various configurations to allow you to see who was at the door.

When homeowners remodel, they often switch out the front door of a home hoping to make it look like a different style of house.  If you’re remodeling your house, you may be interested in finding traditional doors for 1950s ranch style houses to bring back the original look of your home.

There are manufacturers around the country that have taken great pains to research mid-century ranch homes from across the country.  They then create the doors that will be best on your home to give it that authentic 1950s ranch style look.  The benefit of the new doors is that they’re energy-efficient and built to withstand any weather that may come in contact with them.

What do you do if you’re not familiar with traditional doors from 1950s ranch style houses?  Go to your public library and check out an architectural design book with the varying styles of houses from the 1950s.  The book should have a number of pictures that will allow you to see the doors.

Ranch house doors changed somewhat when new architectural styles developed.  From the late 1930s to the present, considered to be the Modern and Mid-century Modern style, the doors were plain and unassuming.  There was little decoration except for thin, sometimes frosted, horizontal windows in several configurations.  Others had vertical, square, or diamond shaped windows.

The Post-War years, late 1940s to early 1950s, showed how the doors reflected more of a traditional design.  Some believed these changes were based upon British plank doors.  The windows were much smaller and were often placed diagonally on the door.

Between 1950 and the 1970s, Ranch/Rambler style houses were becoming less popular, traditional doors changed again.  They became more geometric in an effort to help this style home appear more modern.

If you’re thinking about returning your 1950s ranch house to its original glory, at least from the outside, you may want to find a traditional looking door.  Look through library books, online, or tour neighborhoods to see this type of door for yourself.

Finding traditional doors for 1950s ranch style houses is possible today.  Besides finding manufacturers that can recreate new doors in the style you want, you may be able to find actual doors from that era at architectural supply companies.  Decide on the look you’d like to have and then do the best to find that traditional looking door that will welcome guests for years to come.

photo credit: David Boyle in DC

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