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If you own a ranch style home, previous owners may have made changes to the house that weren’t keeping with the style.  Some people like to update their homes with each new style while others prefer to maintain the style integrity.  If you’d prefer to stick with the original style and are thinking about the trim for 50s ranch style homes, you might be surprised which trims shouldn’t be used.

On the interior of the house, molding and trim was used to hide gaps that might occur when sheet rock or paneling was installed.  There was usually simple trim around the windows and doors, so they tried to match the other trim in the house to that.

2008-01-15 007Many people have added crown molding to ranch style homes in order to give the illusion of a higher ceiling.  But this type of molding isn’t appropriate for ranch houses because ranch houses are simple and unpretentious.  To be true to the house, you really wouldn’t use trim for 50s ranch style homes.

Crown molding is better suited to a traditional or even a formal style house.  Ranch style houses are anything but traditional or formal, so it would be better to use a simple molding or not use any at all.

What about the baseboard trim?  Depending upon where you live, you might have different styles of baseboard trim for 50s ranch style homes.  Normally, however, they were very simple and understated like the rest of the house.

On the outside, there was simple trim around the doors and windows; however you may have also had exterior shutters on a ranch style house of that era.  At the time, nearly all trim was painted white, but the shutters may have matched the color of the roof or a darker shade of the house color.

If you’re thinking of painting your house, how do you paint the trim for 50s ranch style homes?  That all depends upon the type of exterior you have and what color you plan to paint it.  Look around at the other homes around you.  Do you want your home to be similar to other homes or do you want it to stand out?  Try painting your door a bold color and then painting the trim the same color as the door.

There wasn’t always trim for 50s ranch style homes when they were originally built.  Whether or not a house had trim could have been based upon the architect plans, the builder, or the location of the home and what was normal for that area.  How to paint the trim now is entirely up to you.

If you do plan on adding some simple trim to the interior of your ranch home, here is a good resource to teach you how.

Trim Made Simple W/DVD (Made Simple)

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